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“Throw out your arrogant opinions, for it is difficult for an individual to begin to discover what they think they already understand”— Epictetus

I utilized to think I understood a lot. I didn’t. I was close-minded, narcissistic, and frightened to branch beyond my own little existence.Combined with chronic anxiety and an overactive mind, this narrow view of the world guided me towards a life of addiction.Blinded by my deformed view of reality, this is where I remained for 15 years.I truly believed I had all of it determined. “Clever me “I utilized to believe, protecting my dependency with every technique in the book.I believed I was deceiving everybody, but I was only tricking myself. I thought my own lies, weaving a fictional world filled with

deception, rejection, and deceit.In truth I understood nothing, nothing important anyhow, and definitely absolutely nothing about the essential facts of life.Sitting in detox in October

2013, this struck me difficult.”You understand nothing ye clown”echoed a voice from within. I’m not sure why, possibly the discomfort of my last dance with addiction; it was not quite, but for the first time in my life I listened.Pounded into submission by years of abuse, there was lastly a crack in the ego. Like a fragile piece of china falling from a height, the story that I informed myself, the one that secured my dependency, shattered into pieces.In what appeared like an immediate, I unlearned all I understood. My mind went peaceful, and the contrast to my formerly tortured self was astounding.I understood nothing, however it felt exhilarating.Curious, enthusiastic, and entirely open-minded, I set out to learn all I could. Captivated by concepts such as awareness, meditation, and self, I feasted on every

book I might discover. I became a trainee

of life, and returned to college to study psychology and philosophy.I have actually checked out everywhere over the last 5 years. Yet my quest for fact has only just begun.I’ve hardly scratched the surface; and when I recall in a few years ‘time, I’ll likely be contemplating how little I understood today.With that being

said, here are a few of the lessons I’ve discovered over the past 5 years, and what I presently understand to be true about the world.Gratitude is a superpower. It should be harnessed daily.We are all deeply linked. Take a minute and look at your phone.

Go on, look. Who tempered the glass? Who composed the code? Who dug the metal components from the ground? Who put together the pieces

  1. ? It’s the very same for your clothes, your car, and your home.
  2. Browse you. Go deep. We are all connected in so many ways.The just limits in your life are the ones you put on yourself, so dream big, and be bold.Don’t compare. Stay in your own lane. Joy originates from improvement, not comparison.Everything passes, good and bad. Remember this mantra:”This too will pass. “It may feel like a start the ****, however it will
  3. pass.Having fun is medicine for your soul. Laugh often, even if there’s absolutely nothing to laugh at.Life is rarely either/or. It is typically paradoxical, and frequently complex. To be ‘wrong ‘and ‘not understand’is OK.Trust your instincts. If the mind and gut are conflicted, the mind is telling lies.If you live and love, you will suffer, however this is how we grow.”Challenges do not block
  4. the path, they are the course “– Zen Saying. “In between stimulus and reaction there is an area.
  5. Because space is our power to pick our action. In our action lies our growth and our liberty”– Victor Frankl.
  6. Increasing this area describes the fruits of meditation, which is no longer an option in
  7. today’s hectic world; it is a must.There is no true learning without an open mind; just a manipulated representation of what you thought you currently knew.Society’s guidelines do not constantly use.
  8. When everybody zigs, it’s typically best to zag.Most people don’t act. If you act, you’ll shine. Anything is possible.Be secured with your attention. It is your biggest ally, now more than ever.Life can be hard, however never ever as serious as your mind makes it out to be.Be real to your incredibly weird self. You will attract what you require, and repel what you don’t.
  9. Science is an effective tool. However like most things in life, it is political, ego-driven, and directed by the whims of what’s fashionable.Life has plenty of games. They are hard to alter, however you can constantly decide out.Consistency surpasses intensity.
  10. Little constant steps cause huge changes, constantly. And relentless consistency causes big modifications quick.Playing the long game is not a lack of action, however the timing of it.Admitting you don’t understand is a strength, and an indication of real intelligence.Speak in methods so others desire to listen. Eavesdrop methods so others wish to speak.Do not ignore the power of reading. It can open doors that seemingly don’t exist.True happiness is not enjoyment; nor does it have an opposite. It is a state of satisfaction. It is the middle way.Change is possible.
  11. That’s me on the left in 2011, two years before I struck rock bottom. The one on the right was taken in 2015, four years after I got tidy. Self-awareness, above all else, need to be
  12. your Holy Grail.I’ll end with a quote by Socrates, one of the best minds to
  13. have actually ever lived:” All I understand is that I understand absolutely nothing.” Socrates certainly understood a lot more than me, and I’ll probably disagree with much of the above in a couple of years’time.So perhaps it’s finest
  14. to overlook everything I stated … But I’ll leave that up to you!I compose routinely for A Lust for Life. You will also discover my posts on publishing platforms LinkedIn, Thrive Global and Medium. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and< a href= target=_ blank rel=noopener > Instagram where I frequently publish material about life, health and wellbeing, knowledge, and function.