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Dr. Christine Ford claims that aside from she and Judge Kavanaugh, there were 3 others present in your home on the day she was apparently sexually assaulted. The first two, Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth, have actually denied any recollection of existing, by means of legally binding declarations through their legal representatives. On Saturday, it was discovered that the 3rd witness Ford has called, Leland Ingham Keyser, has no recollection of this either. In an email to the Senate Judiciary Committee, Keyser’s attorney Howard Walsh wrote:

“Basically, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a celebration or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

Democrats want so severely for the accusations versus Kavanaugh to be real. They are tying themselves into knots as they try to counter each new blow to their case.She is planning to drive throughout the nation. Ford doesn’t like aircrafts, not so much because of her fear of flying, but due to the fact that she is unpleasant remaining in confined areas where there is no exit available.Ford’s friend, Kate Devarney,< a href = > told CNN today that: Ford’s fear of flying is straight related to her claims of assault, and that an aircraft is “the ultimate closed area where you can not get away. “This, she declares, comes from her alleged sexual assault at age fifteen when she felt she had

no other way out. She had actually been” detained “till Mark Judge got on top of Kavanaugh (who was on top of her)causing Judge and Kavanaugh to fall off the bed and start”ditching”on the floor, which allowed her to “get away.”The Senate Judiciary Committee will just have to wait. She certainly won’t have the ability to make it to Washington by Monday. Even Wednesday looks dicey. Possibly on Thursday.PJ Media’s Matt Margolis weighed in on this problem

: TRENDING ON KIDS OF LIBERTY MEDIA”One might argue that”anxiety”might cover

a worry of flying, however a fear of flying(or

restricted spaces in general)for 35 years appears like an incredibly debilitating fear that promises to have been called out specifically prior to this brand-new fear of flying claim. Has Ford, for instance, been unable to ride in an elevator for 35 years? Attacks in elevators are definitely more typical than attacks on planes. Even more, Ford herself went to a private all-girls prep school. Her familyshould have been fairly well-to-do, and probably went on expensive vacations more than when throughout her teen years. If she unexpectedly developed a fear of flying because of the attack, are we anticipated to think her family didn’t discover she unexpectedly could not join them on a household holiday? Is it possible they never ever flew to go on holiday?”Possibly that’s why she scrubbed her Facebook account. She may have posted photos of herself traveling to Europe or some other far-off locale and would have to describe how she got

there.The Ford camp has actually gone to excellent lengths to prevent public analysis, even handling to delete her high school yearbooks from the web. A journalist from a small blog called”Cult of the First Modification,” saved them 2 days prior to does not implicate Ford personally. She is disappointed participating in any compromising behavior personally. The” wild times “of the women from Holton-Arms is readily apparent. Take a appearance. No jury of Ms. Ford’s peers, in any courtroom in America, would convict a defendant based upon the story she has actually told which is most likely why Sen. Feinstein utilized it as a desperate effort against Kavanaugh.Ford’s identity was launched one week back and currently, each of the three witnesses she has actually called, reject

any recollection of existing. That implies that of the five people she declares were present that day, she is the only one who has any recollection of existing. And her memory is malfunctioning, at finest.(I will not bore you all with a recount of the holes in her story.)She wants Kavanaugh to affirm very first which contrasts the US legal procedure where the implicated listens to the complainant’s accusations and then reacts. Oh, and she doesn’t desire any outdoors legal representatives and Kavanaugh can’t be in the space when she testifies.The defendant is constantly present during a criminal trial.And Republican politicians, not wishing to appear insensitive to Ms. Ford in the age of #MeToo, keep accommodating every irrational request.It doesn’t

appear that Ford intend on testifying. And although I may be incorrect, I believe it’s because she does not want to perjure herself.Enough is sufficient already. Democrats are attempting to postpone Kavanaugh’s verification until after the midterms since

they believe they have an opportunity to retake the Senate.Prior to this case, that might have been a remote possibility. But this travesty has caught Republican politician’s(and Independent’s)attention. It has galvanized the base and that will only increase with each new justification. This will enhance citizen turnout and hopefully, close the pre-accusation” enthusiasm “gap.Thanks Dianne Feinstein!Article posted with authorization from Flexibility Station