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transit, eliminating a few minutes during lunch, or just sitting at your desk? I catch myself doing this regularly during any lull in my day. While this may look like a common routine, it might be a contributing element to your depression and brain fog. When you scroll through your insta-feed as often as I do, it can cause you to compare your life to the lives of others, your body to the next Insta-fit design, or your mellow Friday night to somebody else’s night out on thetown.< a href= target =_ blank > Social network depression is more common that numerous recognize. It’s easy to feel down about your life when you are scrolling through everyone elseand alert for as much as two hours from the last time you last pre-owned your cell phone.Combat restlessness and overstimulation by stopping using your phone a minimum of an hour prior to you go to sleep. Replace that time invested scrolling by reading a book (not on a tablet), coloring in an adult coloring book, meditating, or journaling.Drinking Caffeine Prior to Your Commute Does your high-traffic commute down the main expresswayor mass transit trigger nervousness and stress and anxiety!.?.!? Your morning cup of joe might be the perpetrator. While caffeine increases awareness and focus, it can also promote anxiety symptoms such as heart palpitations, raised temperature(ever seem like you’re getting a hot flash on the train?), anxiety, and shortness of breath.Commuter’s idea: hold back on the double espresso until you’re at your office and have navigated the early morning rat race. Replace your usual commuters drink with something relaxing, like a natural tea or bottle of lemon water instead.It can be hard to break these little, yet impactful daily habits that may be impacting your psychological health. The very best way to recalibrate your daily routine is to keep a state of mindfulness so that you can easily remedy whatever routine you’re attempting to break. By committing to a healthier routine– with fewer disruptions, distractions, and a little less stimulation– you’ll be

providing yourself a more well balanced, less disorderly lifestyle.