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Are you lonely? Do you fear separation from friends and family? Possibly dealing with financial unpredictability? Or simply fear contracting the virus?

You’re not alone.

We’re feeling a collective upsetting in this time, which is enduring longer than any of us would like.

How do we cope?

As Dr. Jack Anderson will inform you, fear is natural, it’s instinctive. But calmness has to be found out.

A scientific psychologist for some 30 years in personal practice in Southern California, Anderson acts as the Director of Officer Care and Development for The Redemption Army in the western U.S., assisting to support and care for the psychological health of Salvation Army officers.

We can find calmness, he says, through stability. Through ship-like integrity.

All sea vessels go through substantial screening for integrity to ensure there are no leaks. They’re tested by the most amount of tension so we understand that under any circumstance, the hull will not crack.

We’re dealing with turmoil in our lives as we are all being evaluated in various ways. But that screening is not special to pandemic times. We’re evaluated throughout our lives and so we should find our ship-like integrity.

Anderson is on the program to share more about how we can find out to be calm, how we can handle worry to handle a frame of mind of hope, a guarantee of a much better future.

Program highlights include:

Great words from Dr. Jack Anderson in this show:

“The natural state is to be afraid of something and that fear calls you into action. You obtain to safety and you resolve the issue and after that you can unwind. That has been challenging to do because this continues day after day, week after week.”

“All of us have sensations of stress and anxiety and fear however there is a tipping point where it ends up being disabling in some way … It begins disrupting your sleep or it prevents you from continuing with typical daily activities and when it reaches that level it is typically great to talk to a professional who can teach you some abilities and techniques to decrease your level of anxiety.”

“Stability is actually about strength. When an individual is dealing with some sort of threat in life, there are 2 things you might do. Top is you could attempt and discover a method to get out of the danger or second of all you might build the strength and abilities to conquer the danger … I believe during this pandemic people need to be doing both.”

“Fear often has a lot more to do with our understanding than about reality … Our perceptions are so effective in regulating our emotions, so we need to take a great deal of care in not simply what we are seeing however how we translate what we are seeing.”

“There are 2 things moms and dads can do. Something is to be an excellent listener. Let your kids reveal whatever it is they are going through … The second thing is to be a great role design. Kids look at you more than you realize and if they see a moms and dad who is unsteady, not sure, afraid and not coping well, they are going to imitate that behavior and possibly even overemphasize it. As a parent you have the obligation to be somebody they can admire.”

“Look at your own mind and heart and discover that knowledge, and make a determination everyday when you awaken and apply what you understand to how you are living.”

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