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When you ask people what they believe about British accents, many of them either love ’em or discover them amusing. While a few of us are hectic swooning over people speaking like Hugh Grant, some Twitter users have actually mentioned that far from every Brit speaks like they’re Victorian gentlemen and girls.

We’ve collected some of the most funny times that Twitter users have poked enjoyable at people who speak British (or Bri-ishas one Twitter user who created a viral thread with over 663k likes joked). Upvote your favorite tweets and let us know in the comments what you believe of the way British people speak. Personally, I definitely love the range of accents in the UK, but to each their own.

While we might call it the Queen’s English, really couple of individuals apart from the British royals and nobility speak the manner in which Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II does. In fact, there are more than 37 dialects in the British Isles! Scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview with Dr. David Britain, Professor of Modern English Linguistics at the University of Bern in Switzerland.

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< img src=""> Image credits: # 2 Image credits: # 3 Image credits: According to Dr. Britain, the dialect that Americans most carefully associate with British individuals is”almost

definitely “Standard British English”with the accent referred to as Received Pronounciation. “”This is the one they are exposed to the most through the media, and the accent they might know from the Royal household. Some will know Scottish accents, and possibly also London( the standard accent of which is understood as Cockney ),”the professor explained to Bored Panda about the most common stereotypes that immigrants have when it pertains to British accents. # 4 Image credits: # 5

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British Isles

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Dr. Britain noted that the variety of British accents and dialects has both grown and shrunk in the last few decades! “There is a lot of evidence that a number of the standard, specifically rural accents and dialects, are being leveled away with people using accents typical to their whole area instead of their locality. There is also proof that metropolitan areas continue to diversify, and brand-new accents and dialects are emerging due to the fact that of immigration and movement.

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< img src=""> Image credits: # 8 Image credits: # 9 Image credits: We likewise needed to know just how crucial British pop culture and media are when it comes to forming stereotypes about the way that Brits speak. Here’s what Dr. Britain had to state:” It’s really important in Britain definitely– many individuals’s main direct exposure to various accents is through the media, therefore the media are extremely effective– the way they present these accents has an important result on how they are perceived.”He continued:”Rural individuals in southern England are extremely frequently represented as all having the same dialect (which they don’t actually have) and are typically provided as rather traditional, friendly but unintelligent, and unworldly characters, so their accents end up being incorporated individuals’s minds to these characteristics.”# 10 Image credits: # 11 Image credits: # 12 Image credits:”Globally, it is typically the case, for instance, that Brits frequently play smart however evil

characters in film, and so their accents can then likewise(outdoors Britain)be related to those characteristics. We, in Britain, think this is funny of course, as we do not have those associations about ourselves.”According to Dr. Britain, the media are extremely crucial in spreading out awareness of accents and developing stereotypical links in between accents and character traits.”However it wasn’t likewise the case. I can recall my dad(born in 1928)telling me he was 20 before he heard an American accent for the very first time. Now that is impossible. “# 13 Image credits: # 14 Image credits: # 15 Image credits: How a Brit speaks depends not just on what part of the country they’re from however also on

their social class. Among the best-known dialects worldwide is Cockney which was(and still is)spoken by London’s working class.

, some Twitter users who are gently buffooning British individuals are most likely thinking of people speaking Cockney in their minds.Another popular dialect is spoken by people from Yorkshire County. Among the important things that sets it apart is that words that end with’ee ‘sounds are pronounced as’eh.’Desire to state that something’s’nasty’in Yorkshire and sound like a local? Try saying ‘nasteh!’# 16 Image credits: # 17< img src= "" > Image credits: # 18 Image credits: There are two accents that immigrants typically blend: the Northern Irish and


Scottish ones. The very first one’s 700.jpg

extremely melodic, however

individuals using it tend to miss out on out on some letters in words.Meanwhile, there are numerous Scottish accents that differ from city to city. In parts of the country, the

accent becomes incredibly comparable to the Northern Irish one and it becomes hard to inform apart. And if you find yourself blushing with embarrassment because you find it hard to comprehend a Scotsman speaking, don’t fret– some Scots have problems figuring out how others from Scotland, particularly Glasgow, speak. # 19 Image credits: # 20 Image credits: # 21< img src=""> Image credits: Finally, let’s not forget the Scouse dialect spoken by

people from Liverpool

and 700.jpg

made popular by The Beatles. It 700.jpg

‘s an extremely nasal dialect

, so if you wish to sound like John, Paul, Ringo, and George, you ‘d much better start practicing! # 22 Image credits: # 23 Image credits: # 24 Image credits: # 25 Image credits: # 26 Image credits: # 27 Image credits: # 28 Image credits: # 29 # 30

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