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Learning about people’s opinions and tendencies is something you’ll want to know, no matter what business you’re in. There are several ways to learn this information. The first and most important of these is to conduct a survey. Survey creators can get even more detailed answers from respondents by asking different types of survey questions. You can use survey research not only to use practical data to improve your business but also to build a closer bond with people.

You may have no idea how to do survey research. There are many details to consider when creating a survey. All of this makes it easier for you to gather better insights and draw better conclusions. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the main types of polls, how to conduct online surveys, and what the best practices are.

What is an online survey?

Online surveys are a popular type of data collection method where you can get answers from anywhere and on any device. Regardless of the product or service you offer, you can ask appropriate questions to target audiences with an online questionnaire. 

The definition of online survey

Unlike paper polls, online ones are a more effortless information-gathering tool. By using various online survey sites, you can do your online survey research quickly and easily. In addition, online polls are a very useful method for you both in terms of cost and time.

Survey types

There are a number of questionnaire types. The purpose of each poll is different, and you should use the proper design and question types for your purpose. For example, open-ended questions are more useful for some goals, while multi-choice question types are more suitable for others. Some popular types of surveys and their usage purposes are as follows:

How to conduct an online survey: 6 steps

Surveys for measuring and improving customer experience are the perfect way to build up your business. However, before creating an online poll, there are some elements that you should care about. First, the best way to conduct a survey is to draw a map in your head. Deciding what to do before creating a questionnaire is an important step. Here are 6 steps you should follow while conducting an online survey: 

1  – Decide the aim of the survey

2  – Prepare questions for it

3  – Determine the target audience

4  – Specify the required response

5  – Share it from various platforms

6  – Analyze responses

1  – Decide the aim of the survey

If you don’t know how to conduct survey research, the first thing you should do is determine the purpose of your survey. It is an important detail whether this questionnaire is for political research, market research, or employee research. You should research what kind of benefits the data you will collect will provide to your business. Moreover, depending on the type of survey you choose, you also need to do some preliminary research because you need to know in advance what you will need.

2  – Prepare questions for the survey

As a second step, choosing questions suitable for the questionnaire type is one of the most important steps. One of the biggest reasons for this is that people need to solve the polls to the end for better results. You can prevent people from getting bored by using different types of questions. Additionally, this is a good tactic not to keep them distracted. Some of the question types you can use in your polls are as follows:

Moreover, you should prepare the questions in such a way that they do not direct respondents. Even the slightest hint about your brand will not deliver any useful results from your survey. For this reason, preparing questions as impartially as possible will bring you the best results.

Prepare and add questions to your survey

3  – Determine the target audience

Identifying your target audience is another step. It is important both for choosing your questions and for more beneficial results for your poll subject. Once you fully understand your target audience, you can use it to better market and develop your product or service. Therefore, you will have a more precise business strategy.

4  – Specify the required response

Another step is to determine the answers required for the survey. Nobody prepares them for small audiences because questionnaires are made to reach as many people as possible. Fewer respondents mean less successful surveys. The sample size depends on the type of your poll, and setting this number earlier will generate better results.

Make some questions required

5  – Share the survey

Sharing your survey is another important step. Although the questions, the target audience, and the purpose of the questionnaire are necessary, it doesn’t matter if you can’t share your poll through the necessary channels. As said before, it is compulsory to get your survey to more people. For this reason, sharing them via social media platforms and email addresses will make your job easier.

Share or embed your survey

6  – Analyze responses

Finally, you should analyze the answers to your polls. Those who prepare them always do these for a purpose, and that purpose is to obtain information. Preparing questions and sharing these polls are steps to gain information, but it is also necessary to use other analysis tools for more precise results. For example, you can get the necessary results from the statistics of an online survey maker tool and Google Analytics in order to use them in a way that suits your business.

Collect and analyze survey responses

Best practices when conducting online surveys

Doing a survey may seem a very challenging and complex process, but it is actually quite easy to prepare after following the necessary methods. Survey tools like may be pretty beneficial to create polls because has a lot of online survey templates. In addition, while preparing a questionnaire, you can attract the attention of respondents with more engaging content. Some of the best practices you should use are as follows:

Free survey templates for a quick start

In summary, polls are a tool that can be used in every field and provide useful information. In particular, online surveys are highly accessible as they can be shared on social media platforms and embedded in websites. For this reason, you reach more people and increase response rates. Moreover, there are various types of questionnaires, and there are some steps you need to take care of in accordance with these types.

It will be convenient for you to use online survey builder tools to get the best results from your polls. One of the tools with which you can quickly create surveys is With, you can create questionnaires on various topics using . If you want to create engaging forms in a short time, thanks to ready-made templates, sign up without wasting time and start using it!