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CLOSE Mother of teenager suicide victim speaks about results of bullying

Alliance for Youthprogram planner, to assist construct content and promote an app that provides resources for teenagers. It’s called #LetsTalk and is offered to download free of charge on iPhone and

Buy Photo Maggie Andrews and Keely Drummond scroll through the #LetsTalk app they are promoting for teen with Alliance for Youth. (Picture: Tribune Photo/Sarah Dettmer )Drummond and Andrews chose to handle this problem for their

DECA job by constructing a public relations project to help at-risk teenagers.”We wish to be part of something bigger, “Drummond said.Zimmerman already had the basic #LetsTalk app established, however she was looking for trainees to get included. Drummond and Andrews

offered her a call. “It’s an excellent tool within your reaches,” Zimmerman said. “We all have our phones. The app has a lot of great info that I hope they never require, but if they do, it’s there.”

The entire procedure has been a mind-blowing experience for the students as they’ve dealt with Zimmerman to develope a social marketing campaign for #LetsTalk.

greatest thing for these kids is the feeling of hoplessness. We wish to provide them hope. “#LetsTalk is tailored to be a beneficial tool for all teenagers, and even grownups, to discover mental health and decrease the stigma around an individual in need of support. CLOSE Learn some quick realities about anxiety and see how the signs can manifest differently in guys, females and children. Daniel Finney/ The Register”I


believe a great deal of people understand what it is and how dramatically it impacts some people’s lives, “Andrews said.Zimmerman, Andrews and Drummond also are delighted about

a function on the app that will permit teens to gain access to”safe locations.”If someone feels hazardous or in requirement of assistance

, they can utilize the app to locate a designated location where they can go to reach an adult to assist them through the situation.As of now, the live map of safe places consists of the Great Falls Cops Department, Great Falls Rescue Mission, Big Brothers Big Sis, Center for Mental Health, Opportunities Inc.,

Family Promise, Youth Court Services, Kairos Youth Solutions and the Waterfall County Regional Youth Provider Center.< aside itemprop =associatedMedia itemscope itemtype = > Menu bar of the #LetsTalk app< meta itemprop=copyrightHolder content

Nevertheless, Zimmerman, Andrews and Drummond stated they would like to get more companies included. Drummond stated it would be fantastic to partner with a coffee shop that would offer a totally free or discounted drink to a teenager with the app when they require a safe location to go to soothe down or unwind.Though most DECA tasks are begun in the fall and end in the spring, Andrews and Drummond said they would like to continue the project through the end of high school and perhaps into college.” I didn’t truly think of

it at all prior to this task, so that is among the huge factors I want to get it out in the neighborhood,” Andrews stated.” I personally didn’t seem like it was a substantial issue, and I think people require to know that it really in fact is.” CLOSE A new research study analyzes the impact ’13 Reasons’may have had on internet look for suicide-related inquiries.


offered by Newsy Newslook The app’s main launch will take place during the Christmas Stroll on Friday. Andrews and Drummond will be established at a booth at 421

Central Ave., offering complimentary popcorn, stickers, short-term tattoos and info about #LetsTalk. Everybody who goes to the booth and downloads the app will remain in the drawing to win a$50 Visa gift card. COMMENT E-MAILMORE Read or Share this story:

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