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5 Months with Baby


by 2014 Dear Dashiell, Little man, you wish to GO! You are so passionate about movement, pulling yourself to basing on anything you can get your hands on (and frequently toppling right back over). You run yourself around your home flat on your tummy, and it’s remarkable how much traction you get and how fast you can leave from me. You and Finn have ended up being partners in criminal offense, laughing over secret jokes that make no sense to anybody but you, rolling around on the floor together in delight.You’re a voracious little eater, you love sweet potatoes and applesauce and yogurt and try to grab the spoon to shovel all of it into your mouth as quick as you can get it in. You seem to consume bottles nonstop and I love to invest time feeding you while your eyelids gradually drop and I feel like all is ideal with the world. I love feeling the weight of you in my arms and lap, your warmth and that sweet infant heaviness.After a genuinely turbulent year, I’m at peace with where I discover myself in life. At peace with how much you need me. At peace with motherhood and being a spouse and all the sacrifices and duty both of those things require. I’m valuing all this abundance and relishing this stage of life!Some links

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  • nadia wit

    Autumn, U have an incredibly skilled and gorgeous family. I wan na be you when I mature … (do I get to say that if I’m 33?) Anyway, thanks for the post and the constant inspiration … You remind us that it is possible to be a successful wife, mom and artist … and look fabulous doing it!

    • Autumn Reeser

  • Anya Zhukova

    You are so charming together! Is it simply me or Dash typically looks so major and determined to grow up faster and overtake Finn?

    • Autumn Reeser

      Yes, Dash is a more severe baby than Finn was! But he has this deep ‘little old guy’ laugh when he discovers something entertaining– it’s charming.

  • Izzie

    You’re truly made me sob … so beautiful … ♥

    • Fall Reeser

      Thanks, Izzie.