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Balaa Episode 7 & & 8– Story Evaluation

Opening Ideas:

Ohkay so, this episode of Balaa was great & & took the story forward a lot however I fear that things might begin to get dragged from now on considering Nigar will get what she wants & & she will continue to fool Taimoor’s too-good-to-be-true family. Things might get monotonous with Nigar winning every time but I wish we get to see her genuine face coming through as soon as possible!Developments: Saba eloped & left everybody damaged hearted,

with Rashida & to Shama to Taimoor & his siblings. The only two individuals pleased with this entire scenario were Zafar & Nigar. The author quite smartly showed the causal sequence where Nigar’s selfishness literally ruined everyone’s life & one move of hers damaged everything. Nigar stumbled upon Saba & Mateen that is when she devised a strategy of assisting them out & using Mateen to toss Zeba out of Junaid’s & life too. Although Zafar likes his child however his love is precisely & the reason Nigar has actually ended up being so evil. Zafar’s love has brought out the worst in her & it is the worst a father can do for his child.Nigar desired Taimoor & because of one desire of hers, she went to such a severe that people around her needed to bear the repercussions.

Rashida died because she & might not handle what Saba did. Zeba died because of what Junaid did to her too & all this happened only due to the fact that of Nigar. Taimoor was not himself any longer & I liked how it was shown that for the very first time it was tough for the whole family of a person to deal with what took place. I liked how the writer didn’t reveal that Taimoor moved on & quickly forgetting what Saba did. Taimoor’s concern to Rashida about knowing that Saba liked somebody else was spot on, it was essentially Rashida’s stubbornness that likewise pressed Saba to do something like this plus with Nigar’s generosity, both Saba & Mateen got the edge & the nerve to run away!It was regrettable that Zeba’s character made an exit easily. I want the writer had actually turned her into a strong independent female who & had actually later prospered in & unveiling Nigar’s truth

in front of Junaid. The way Zeba left rather looked like a practical manner in which the writer picked to deal with her character due to the fact that right from the beginning it was recommended that Zeba was a defenseless soul!Junaid on his own was handling depression also. Junaid & Taimoor are both victims of Nigar’s desire, her evilness & her selfishness & what is upsetting is that she puts on this facade that makes her look so sweet. I

will include though that Shama’s psychological reliance on Nigar appeared & a bit out of the location. It is good that Shama just believes & in seeing the excellent & in people but then to overlook the perspective & watch out of her own kids isn’t justified either. Shama understands too well that Taimoor does not like Nigar so to hear her take Nigar’s name as Taimoor’s future wife was disturbing. Shama is dedicating the very same error as Rashida & considering Rashida was her finest buddy, Shama must have learned from her mistakes. In Rashida’s case, Saba had a way out but in Shama’s case, Taimoor will just sulk due to the fact that he will not find an escape as he will ultimately consent to & his mom’s dream of marrying Nigar.The story of Balaa so far has shown Nigar & Zafar winning & it has set the ground for them to play but I am interested to see how Nigar’s reality will appear & what will be the end of her? I want the author does not show that devoting such criminal activities for your liked one is justified by forgiving Nigar’s character in the end. She should certainly face the impact & of ruining a lot of lives.Closing Thoughts: In general this episode of Balaa was a decent watch. I liked how the writer covered & the state of minds of Taimoor & Junaid– 2 individuals who lost whatever in love– 2 people who are victims to somebody else’s wicked plans. Junaid nevertheless had the option of standing by his better half right till completion but he quit because Zafar &

Nigar didn’t let that occur however still, there was a chance which he lost. Taimoor however is a pure victim however let’s see if he will ever challenge the & evil in his life. Please share your thoughts about this episode of Balaa.Keep Supporting, Cheers, Zahra Mirza.