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Take care With Your Medications

, Folks!By Ron Dudley, on October 10th, 2018 When I cut off the end of my finger just recently with a butcher knife lots of readers said they took my example to heart and swore to change their methods when dealing with sharp knives. Well, you may also learn from another current and colossal mistake of mine.First a really

quick wrap-up so the story makes good sense to everyone.Nine days ago when I went to the ER for what turned out to be epididymitis/orchitis they sent me home with the antibiotic Levofloxacin. That ended up being contraindicated due to the fact that of my neuropathy so they altered it to Cefdinir. Two days later when my signs worsened the ER doc called my urologist who said they should alter my antibiotic when again, this time to Doxycycline. Which they did and I took it two times a day for approximately 4 days.At least I believed I did.As soon as you see the picture below you’ll probably guess

what truly happened.This is Cefdinir on the left and Doxycycline on the right. The pills are the exact same size and somewhat similar in

color– specifically when translucented the amber plastic of the prescription containers. Somehow I blended them up by not paying adequate attention so for 2 1/2 days( 5 tablets worth)I took the wrong antibiotic prior to I observed my mistake and switched back to Doxycycline.In a various circumstance that might have been a harmful or even deadly mistake. I’m generally extremely cautious about such things but this time I just screwed the pooch. I keep attempting to inform

myself that I’m not much dumber than the average Joe( or Jolene)and assuming that’s real it might happen to anyone.I saw my Urologist yesterday and sheepishly confessed my mistake and obviously no major damage was done besides perhaps postponing my healing. However let me tell you, that antibiotic cocktail really did a number on my gut flora. For about 3 days my intestinal tracts seemed like somebody had consistently run them through a pasta maker. And they’re still recovering.Serves me ideal for making such a foolish error. And what should I get out of an airheaded blunder like that? Antibiotic actually means”against life”.43 comments to Be Careful With Your Medications, Folks!Alice Beckcom Ron, so delighted you discovered your mistake. I can understand why you blended your pills. I take a lot of pills and have to be extremely mindful if I get a prescription for something that doesn’t suit my day-to-day regimen. You certainly have actually been”through the wringer

“recently. I believe that you have not heard many individuals tell you that they have actually

  • made this error since they are not brave enough to admit/share it.Hope you get to feeling better, real soon.Shelley Dudley Poor Ron! Get well soon!!! Cock Harlow WOW, a problem well worth checking out and soaking up! Pleased you are on the mend and figured this out when you did.

    I’m persuaded the tablets I take keep me alive longer than my( recommended )ancestral heritage.Patty Chadwick Delighted you published this. It accentuates one of my animal peeves, one that may have cost me my life( I was offered wrong RX since of similar names). I strongly believe ALL medications should have REALLY DISTINCT NAMES AND


  • THEY ARE MADE IN AND DESPITE THE MANUFACTURE … there are a lot of dangerously look alikes and sound alikes being recommended. i make certain it costs clients loan, proper comfort snd recovery and might even cost lives!!! Patty Chadwick THIS SHOUOD INCLUDE GENERICS,

  • WHICH WOULD HAVECAN ADDITIONAL SIGN OR SYMBOL ON THEM( to distinguish them however naintsin identity)Diana A Fingers crossed you are now on best track Joanne OBrien Geez! I will keep that in mind! I’m grateful you figured everything out and there was no harm done.Susan Stone I recently needed to find out the very same lesson with my thyroid. My medical professional had actually altered my dose, and I actually couldn’t remember what the current dose was. Of course I filled up the incorrect prescription. I discovered the mistake after just a couple of days, which wasn’t a severe problem. My takeaway from this experience is to put the

    bottle of tablets I

    should not use somewhere away from where I keep the medications I take regularly. When it comes to your gut, if you haven’t started probiotics, definitely do

  • so. Apparently one should always take them during/after taking prescription antibiotics. I

  • also discover it intriguing that the antibiotics I have actually never heard of weren’t right, but the old standby was the one that would work.Lyle Anderson

  • You were recommended the incorrect( or a minimum of not optimum) pills two times. Then you take the wrong tablets. Possibly a lot of the mistake lies in other places than with you. Grateful it wasn’t too serious and that the last pills do the trick.Judy Gusick GEEZ! Happy it wasn’t a worst case situation! Find the older we get with more pills to take and”generics”that don’t have as much color variation it gets harder to keep them straight. Attempt to have a location for ONLY what’s being used at the minute, tablet minders, and great deals of double monitoring. Happy all is well and, hopefully, initial problem is getting handled!Dave Brooks Sounds a lot like when I brushed my teeth with foot cream, well began to anyhow. As Ed says,”… more and more it is best for me to focus on one job at a time …”

  • , words to remember every day

    … now, what was it that I was supposed to keep in mind? Happy you are pointed in the ideal instructions and I feel for you with the extra days of that stuff, do not forget your probiotics.Arwen I done similar. Only I ended up in the ER. I put my everyday pills in a

  • bottle to handle my way to work. Because I ‘d been traveling I had ALL my bottles in my bag however forgot that I did. That remained in 2001. In October. I ‘d developed a worry of flying after the 9/11 event but needed to fly since of my niece’s christening. I’m back in Denver where I lived then. ReAch into my purse and dispose the bottle in my mouth. Took a swig of coke. As quickly as I recognized I attempted to spit all of it out(ewwww

  • ). I got to work and began

    feeling woozy. Told my supervisor what had actually occurred. She called an ambulance. Yeah. Medication mixups can be bad. Everyone thought I was self-destructive. I was just careless.Melanie Wells Easy mistake and part of being human.(The majority of us would not have your courage to confess the mistake publicly )I am so delighted you recognized the mistake and are on the road to healing. An excellent quality plain yogurt with live, active

  • cultures ought to benefit your poor gut. Appears like you have actually had more than your fair share of medical issues lately. Might be time for a lucky charm or additional care. All of us enjoy you and hope for your great health.Everett Sanborn Yes Ron– be really cautious– require a minimum of 10 more years of Feathered Photography Everett Sanborn kathy Among the threats of’ look-a-likes’. The good news is you were not allergic … one extra pill could have had dreadful consequences. Hope the G.I. tract gets straight rapidly … antibiotics are a blessing and a curse!Sharon Continuous One of those mistakes any of us could make. I hope you are recuperating quickly now. Jeremy and I are thinking about

    you … BTW, I’m taking a birds in flight photography class this early morning through a local Audubon chapter. Intend to

    get a couple of tips!Marty K Oh

    Ron! I’m so sorry! Guy, it has actually simply not been your (several)day (s). Wishing you smooth sailing from here out.Please do not pin my images on Pinterest, Tumblr or any other pinning website or social networks or utilize them for anything else without my express authorization (which includes utilizing them as designs for paintings, drawings or tattoos and so on ). © 2018 Ron Dudley All Rights Reserved. All images are protected by International Copyright Law, do not use, print, recreate or download my images without my consent. Log in