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Clocks and timepieces are generally seen as signs of market. More than any other product of technology, they represent the shift we made away from nature and toward machines. So I was absolutely floored when I discovered an extremely cool woodworking task just recently which reunites nature with mechanics.Rustic designing

is in right now. That is why we feature many rustic decoration tasks on our site– like this list over here. Really, among the most amazing rustic decoration lists we have put together is this one of log projects. These tasks go an action further than lots of others because they have a really incomplete aim to them. Their beauty isn’t just old-fashioned, it is natural, natural– a bit of the outdoors brought indoors.I love d├ęcor like this, however it has been a while given that I stumbled into a similar job which I can show you all. I just discovered one!Video Tutorial


Video by MightyWood Youtuber.This video teaches you how you can craft a working clock utilizing a sample of a wood stump. The natural edges are left intact. The design is really clever, and the completed outcome is absolutely nothing short of stunning.This project really astounds me since it is so unexpected.

Clocks are quite symbols of our transition far from nature and toward mechanics. Seeing a clock which brings us back to nature by bringing nature indoors is rather cool!It looks like this job needs a lot of precision. If you have the woodworking ability and the patience, it ought to not be too hard to reproduce utilizing the video tutorial. I may simply have to give this one a shot! If you decide to produce your own natural edge clock, be sure to reveal us the outcome!