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This is a full tutorial / guide on how to beat every stage of Bloonarius Normal Boss Bloons
The Bloonarius game mode has 5 stages. On each stage spawns a Boss Bloon
In this video I show you how to destroy all 5 Boss Bloons

This weeks btd6 bloonarius elite event is on the map Cracked!

I didn’t use any Monkey Knowledge so everyone can follow this video easily

Here you can find my Bloonarius – ELITE – Guide

How To Properly Buff the Vengeful True Sun God:

– The Boss event begins as soon as you hit Play and there is no pause between rounds.
– Pop all 5 tier of Boss to win each Boss mode
– Build your economy, prepare your abilities and make use of the time between tiers!
– Earn Trophies and other rewards with each tier defeated
– Unlock Elite mode after winning Normal mode

Sludge-dwelling Bloonarius spews Bloons as it takes damage then disgorges massive Bloon clusters when each skill on the health bar is reached.

Bloonarius’ sludge infused husk makes it slow but extremely tough.

0:00 Farming Early Game
8:52 Boss Bloon Stage 1
13:05 Boss Bloon Stage 2
18:28 Boss Bloon Stage 3
22:22 Boss Bloon Stage 4
27:22 Boss Bloon Stage 5 (Final Boss)

Bloons td 6 new update
btd6 paragons
bloons td 6 paragon
bloons td 6 boss bloons
btd6 boss bloons


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