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Bowie City Council member Michael Esteve, District 1, revealed openly at Monday night’s spending plan conference that he willingly examined himself into Laurel Regional Medical facility last Tuesday for treatment of his depression, a condition he has actually been handling for the majority of his life.Esteve, 27, made the announcement to his associates prior to the start of the council’s last budget plan work session. The council is set up to vote on final approval of the spending plan on Might 21.

Esteve said he has actually been dealing with stress and anxiety and depression at varying levels since childhood.

“Last Tuesday, I reached a particularly low point,” Esteve said. “I connected to friends and family and ultimately connected to emergency services. It was the City of Bowie Cops Department who responded about 7:30 p.m. last Tuesday.

“The officers who responded were extremely courteous, professional and kind, which I can inform you made a huge difference for me on what was not a particularly great day.”

Several dozen students, faculty and employee collected outside the University of Maryland’s Memorial Chapel in College Park Thursday reflect as the 1 year anniversary of Richard Collins III’s on-campus death approaches.Collins, a 23-year-old black Bowie State student who had actuallysimply been commissioned … After authorities

took him to the healthcare facility, Esteve said he remained there overnight, then transferred to the Adventist Healthcare Behavioral Health & Wellness Solutions facility in Rockville. He underwent treatment there for 5 days and was released Sunday early morning. He stated he was presently undergoing outpatient treatment at a Kaiser Permanente center in Largo. “With the aid of a little army of family, good friends and colleagues, I’ve been returning into the swing of things, going back to work and getting back to my usual regimen,”he said.Esteve said that the stigma attached to psychological health issue made him reluctant to speak out about his condition in his more youthful years. Regardless of the higher understanding and acceptance accorded psychological health problems in the last few years, some still might be humiliated to request aid. That was one of the factors he chose to speak up about his own battles, he stated.”As a kid and adolescent, it took me a long period of time to connect and share about my own individual battles, in part because I hesitated of the preconception that was attached to it,”said Esteve, who won election to the council in 2015.”It wasn’t for fear that I would lack for resources or support. I just didn’t understand anybody– household, buddies, anyone in my neighborhood– who had a psychological health disorder that they talked about freely.”My hope is that by talking more honestly about this, anyone in the community who might be struggling, whether they’re pursuing assistance or suffering in silence, that they might be able to open a little bit and this might motivate others to get the aid that they require.””I appreciate the recognition of his obstacles, “stated Bowie Mayor G. Frederick Robinson.” He seems to be positive of conquering what his problems are. I want him luck.” < aside data-content-embedlocation="Embed +(3)" data-content-id= 96967198 data-content-size=large data-content-type=video data-content-slug=