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Sometimes, when things sound too good to be true, they are. However, there are some brilliant exceptions to that old rule, and the Common Black College Application is a shining example. Thanks to this quick and streamlined college application process, students can apply for fifty HBCUs in just ten minutes.

This program has won acclaim from many educational organizations and experts, and, of course, from the many students who’ve taken advantage of EDU, Inc.’s opportunities. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the common application process.

What is a Common Black College Application?

EDU, Inc.’s process is based on a common application. You’re probably already familiar with the traditional college application process – you fill out one application per school. Often, you also need to fill out separate forms for financial aid, housing, and many other factors.

The common application does away with the repetitiveness of traditional college applications by using one application for fifty separate historically black colleges and universities. By filling out this single common application, you’ve effectively applied for forty-six college at the same time, and the application process itself takes less than ten minutes for most students.

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Application Process and Cost

Using the common application costs just $35.00. This is a significant saving over many other application options, where a single application can cost the same amount – or more.

Once you’ve filled out your common application, you’ll begin to receive e-mail confirmations from each of the fifty schools. These confirmations are to let you know that your application has been received and is being considered. From there on out, the process is identical to traditional applications – waiting to hear from schools regarding your acceptance.

The Common Black College Application’s Record of Success

Your chances of getting into any college or university depend, as with traditional application methods, on many varying aspects. However, by casting such a wide net, you’re improving your chances for acceptance. In fact, you’re improving them quite drastically – the common application has an amazing 97% success rate.

This means that of all students who fill out and submit a common application, 97% are accepted into at least one school – many are accepted at two or more!

Colleges Included in the Application

While there are some colleges which don’t currently accept the common application, over fifty of the nation’s top HBCUs do. A few of the well-known HBCUs included are Fisk University of Tennessee, Morgan State University of Maryland, Norfolk State University of Virginia, Tuskegee University of Alabama and Voorhees College of South Carolina.

If your top choice school is not on the list, you will need to fill out that school’s applications. However, it’s still a good idea to complete the common application, as acceptance at the top HBCUs can be fierce. It’s important to remember that even if you don’t get accepted at your top choice schools, you can always transfer later in your academic career.

Either way, the common black college application is a quick, easy and invaluable way for young students to take that all-important first step!

How to Apply

To apply for member HBCUs or get more information visit EDU, Inc.’s common application website: