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The Bearded Butchers present the ultimate guide of how to butcher a deer at home without the use of special power tools or commercial equipment. We will teach you how to process a deer and how to ready your deer meat for dinner!

For the cost of paying to have just one deer processed professionally, you can buy all of the equipment used in this video and do the entire process at home with the help of this guide!

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Want to know how to skin a deer first?

The best butcher knife:
(and the custom leather knife sheath):

The Bearded Butcher knife sharpener:

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0:00 Introduction
1:27 Removing Hind Quarters
6:24 Removing Front Quarters
8:18 Removing Backstraps
11:32 Removing Venison Ribs
15:57 Venison Backstrap Prep
24:28 Breaking Down the Hind Quarters
33:16 Making Venison Jerky
38:02 Breaking Down the Front Quarters
43:32 Venison Trimmings
58:17 Making Venison Bratwurst

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