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Traveling with Remote Year means working remotely from the most inspiring destinations and workspaces on the planet! Log on from a rooftop terrace with a view in Lisbon, check email in Cape Town’s lively waterfront district, or take Zoom meetings in Antigua, with volcanoes as your new background.

Whether you’re a creative working in different time zones or an entrepreneur making your own hours, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to mastering the life of a digital nomad. So, what can you expect when logging on in Remote Year coworking spaces? Keep reading to find out! 

Working from different cities around the globe

From trendy neighborhoods in Mexico City to the bustling streets of Chiang Mai, you’ll always have a motivating work environment on Remote Year. Whether you’re in Latin America, Europe, Africa, or Southeast Asia, we provide you with 24 /7 access, reliable connectivity, and bookable private rooms for meetings. Our workspaces are also all within a 25-minute walk from your apartment, to make your daily “commute” a breeze. 

We strive to find the best and most unique coworking spaces around the world, so no two coworking spaces are exactly alike! Some changing factors include:

Number and size of coworking spaces: depending on the workspace and accommodation locations, we may use multiple coworking spaces to make sure each of our travelers is perfectly suited for a great workday. 

A mix of remote workers: Get to know your fellow travelers, locals, and ex-pats alike! Each space is a combination of Remote Year travelers and other workers from around the world, so you’ll spend your days working alongside like-minded people and fellow working explorers. 

Atmosphere: From the modern and sleek to the local and unique, different workspaces around the world have a different atmosphere. Some have a polished appearance, while others might resemble your favorite coffee shop. Wherever you join us, each and every Remote Year workspace is reviewed by our local teams to ensure an inspiring interior and productive atmosphere. 

Private rooms: Need to take a meeting? Each coworking space offers private rooms that can range in space, size, sound-proof capabilities, and reservation system. 

Food and drink: With local, delicious cuisine right outside the coworking space’s door, you’ll have access to delicious lunch options in each of our cities. In a time crunch? Some coworking spaces have cafes and offer kitchen access. 

What is the workspace WiFi like?

When it comes to working remotely, reliable, fast WiFi and internet connections are essential. As a fully-remote company ourselves, we understand just how important it is for you to stay connected! To guarantee you have access to wifi at all times in our global coworking spaces, our local teams work hard to select great locations around the world that:

Engage with proper network engineer audits, and on-call staff to resolve issues in a timely manner. 

Meet minimum internet requirements of 50MBs. Typically you will see anywhere between 100MBs-1GB of internet at our coworking spaces. 

Perform speed tests at all of our coworking sites to make sure the internet connection is stable. 

Ensure everyone has enough bandwidth to take video calls while keeping your browser history open and actively working. 

Provide hotspots in all workspaces in case of unexpected issues.

Here at Remote Year, we like to keep it real! We can’t guarantee the absence of internet drops, and it’s possible that infrequent internet disruptions can be brought on by extreme weather or overall city power. Any travel programs guaranteeing secure internet connection are making false guarantees – power and connectivity can always be subject to external circumstances. 

Are there private spaces available in the workspace?

You bet! We know how important it is to make calls and attend work meetings. Remote Year participants have access to private call booths and secluded spaces to jump in and out of throughout the day. 

Here are a few ways our travelers take work calls on Remote Year:

Jumping into a call booth for calls, as needed. In most workspaces, you can reserve call booths ahead of time.

In open spaces in the workspace that are designated quiet areas.

From their apartments. If you’re in need of long hours of privacy and quiet space for calls, Remote Year participants have the option to stay in their accommodations for work. 

What can I do to optimize my internet connection at coworking spaces?

Great question! While we work hard to ensure the best internet connection in all of our coworking spaces, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a stable, secure, and reliable connection.

Approved VPNs: One of the rare times we see issues at our coworking spaces is when Remote Year participants are working with a VPN. Before traveling, check to make sure there are no issues with using your VPN in the countries you will be visiting.

Test your connection: while every coworking space is previously tested to ensure an internet connection above 50MB, you may want to personally test your speed if looking to take on a bigger bandwidth project or task. Apps like Internet Speed Test, are great ways to see and test the bandwidth for yourself. 

Examples of Remote Year workspaces in different cities

Disclaimer: Please note that these workspaces are subject to change and represent a variation among the different regions to which Remote Year itineraries travel.

We can’t wait for you to log on in our cool coworking spaces around the world! Before you know it, you’ll be working remotely with our community somewhere new and inspiring. Just bring that laptop – we’ll see you soon! 

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