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Quarantine has brought people from all over the world back to their families. And as we’re once again setting foot into our childhood rooms, dining with parents, and getting that puzzle out from the attic, some things have changed.

And one dad definitely noticed. After his son came back with his friend to self-isolate together, the dad was convinced they’re a couple. He “strongly suspected” that to be the case since his son’s teenage years, but now “more or less [has] confirmation that this is true.” But the question he went on to ask Redditors sounds easier said than done: “How do I let them know it’s okay?” In no time, the dad became one of the most loved internet dads ever with 55K upvotes and everyone begging to get adopted. The story doesn’t end here, because the cool dad just came back with the wholesome update, which is plain heart-melting.

The dad posted this question on the r/relationship_advice subreddit alongside the whole backstory

Image credits: throwralovemygayson

Everyone was eager to help dad and he received tons of advice

And the dad came back with the most wholesome update!

Image credits: throwralovemygayson

Human Rights Campaign recently released a National Coming Out Day Report that explores the difficulties American teenagers face. The survey run on more than 10,000 LGBT-identified youngsters showed that 9 out of 10 (91%) came out to their close friends. Significantly less, only 56% said they’re “out” to their close family members.

The same survey showed that a staggering 30% of LGBT youth say their family is not accepting of their sexual orientation. 19% claim “they’re scared of reaction, afraid, or don’t know how their family will react.” 10% confessed they don’t have a strong relationship with their family and coming out to them isn’t an option.

Acceptance from parents is one of the most important antidotes for the many psychological challenges LGBT youth have to face. According to psychologist Dr. Earl Turner, “Parental rejection can exacerbate depression among LGBT youth and is a significant risk factor for suicide and risky behavior among this population.” Parents probably have as much direct influence on their LGBT kids as their friends.

People were amazed by how supportive this dad is