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Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson of Texas was caught on camera Thursday morning handing what seems an envelope to Michael Bromwich, the legal representative who represents Christine Blasey Ford.On Thursday,

Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about her accusations that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her roughly 36 years earlier. Kavanaugh highly rejects the accusations, and will be informing his side on Thursday afternoon.Sign the official petition tothe #KavanaughHearings!.?.!? Please call 202-224-3121 & Demand an investigation & #RETWEET Join us at & Donate today to assist us Defeat the
< a href=""> & @DNC #ConfirmKavanaughNow!.?.!— We Support 45(@WeSupport45)

September 27, 2018 Obviously, there are a number of theories

about what the document was, what may have remained in the envelope, and why Jackson suspiciously commended him while hiding behind Ford.Also, Jackson is a member of the Home of Representatives, not the U.S. Senate. Why is she even there for the hearing?The clip ignited a firestorm online, with numerous social media users asking what Jackson slipped to Ford’s lawyer before the hearing began.Aside from it appearing like a dubious, back-door deal, it has actually not been a good day for Ford and Democrats hoping her testimony would

be detrimental to Kavanaugh’s nomination.Less than thirty minutes into the opening remarks of the hearing, Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii got busted sending out fundraising emails to her leading the concerns for Republicans– why she formerly declared she was”horrified of flying on airplanes.”Regardless of her claim of being horrified to fly, Ford

admitted that she has been on many holidays this year, all of which she took an airplane to travel to.Below is among the exchanges: Dr. Ford’s testament was postponed because of her fear of flying.Rachel Mitchell: How did you get to Washington?Dr. Ford: Aircraft M: When were here in August, how did you get here?F: Aircraft M: You’ve been to Hawaii & Tahiti?F: Yes M: How ‘d you get there?Ford: Plane!.?.!— Ryan Saavedra(@RealSaavedra) September 27, 2018 In another clip, Ford actually admitted that it’s easier to fly when she’s going on holiday than for her to

fly to affirm in Washington.Dr. Ford On Fear of Flying:”It’s simpler for me to travel going that direction when it’s a trip “!.?.!— Breaking911(@Breaking911) September 27, 2018 The entire hearing has actually been a disaster. Sign the to verify Brett Kavanaugh here.Whether it’s Ford’s accusations getting exposed, Democrats trying to exploit the situation for money, or Jackson suspiciously slipping an envelope to Ford’s

legal representative– this has actually been an awful day for the Democratic Celebration.