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There are many things that dogs can be taught to do. My grandfather owns an Australian Cattle Dog and she’s a pretty bright cookie. She’s been taught to fetch him his keys and wallet before he leaves the house. He loves that he doesn’t have to go searching for them before leaving his home because he’s got Matilda to do it for him. She also helps him to carry groceries in from the car as well as change the bedclothes. She will actually help to stretch out the sheets, as well as hold down different corners so that he can make his bed without having to continually pull at the corners. Dogs and their intelligence is actually quite impressive. But it’s not just chores around the home that dogs can be taught. They can also be trained to perform tricks or other impressive feats that most other animals might not do.

And one very talented Goldendoodle puppy showed off her impressive bowling skills! The eight-month-old Blake was taught how to bowl at one 12-weeks-old. The dog took to it quite well, and he seemed to really enjoy bowling. His owner, Katelyn “Kt” Simpson, was on the bowling team will attending Kentucky’s Pikeville University. Katelyn eventually made it to the USA Junior National team back in 2015. With such an impressive track record, it makes perfect sense that she’d share her passion with her pooch. And it looks like they are quite the bowling pair.


As Katelyn revealed, “I think his high game is, like, a 93. He gets strikes every once in a while, pretty good spare shooter.”

Given his bowling prowess, it makes sense that Blake is well-known and a bit of a celebrity within the family-owned KT’s Lanes. 

Katelyn further explained how they managed to get Blake into bowling. Apparently, it wasn’t a major process. As she said, “We just put the ball on top of the ramp, and we held a treat above the ball.” She said that the family sort of prompted him from there by showing him now to push it with his arms. “He caught on and just started doing it on his own,” she mentioned. 

Quite the impressive puppy! No doubt he’s a better bowler than me. Watch as Blake bowls in the video below:

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