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Three Republican governors, and two Fox News hosts, along with Fox Judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano, discovered Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh’s very first accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s statement in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee to be extremely reputable. Ford was being questioned by district attorney Rachel Mitchell since Republicans believed the optics would be bad to have a group of 11 GOP Senators barbecue the supposed sexual assault victim. Mitchell, obviously trying to paint Ford as a phony, kept in mind that Ford has a worry of flying and yet, she has actually flown to destination in the past and to affirm too.

“I was hoping that they would come to me however then realized that was an unrealistic request,” Ford responded.

“That was definitely what I was hoping was to avoid having to get on a plane, but I became able to get up the gumption with the assistance of some good friends and get on the aircraft,” she added.Donald Trump Jr. took on the moment to call it a’ selective worry of flying. ‘”I’m no psychology professor but it

does appear odd to me that someone might have a selective fear of flying,”Traitor Toddler tweeted.”Can’t do it to affirm however for getaway, well it’s not an issue at all.”I’m no psychology professor however it does appear strange to me that somebody could have a selective fear of flying.Can’t do it to testify however for trip, well it’s not a problem at all.Junior decreased in flames.I’m no psychology professor, but

as a PhD neuroscientist I have actually taught numerous undergrad & graduate level psychology

courses.It seems weird to me that you ‘d make such a declaration knowing your papa, a germaphobe, would bareback a pornography star & Playboy bunny.That’s since psychology teacher isn’t a task daddy can give you.America stopped checking out the tweet after I’m no psychology professor.I am a psychology teacher and you’re an oblivious gobshite Sounds like you’re having trouble empathizing with victims of sexual assault. Maybe you need to ask your mother about her experiences with your dad.What your not is a typical person. What you are pointing out is called SELF-CONTROL. Something your whole household lacks.Hey dickhead.

I just posted this. You are an entirely amoral asshole however that surprises nobody given your household.!.?.!not even you are this foolish Just like you can’t remember who you spoke with after the Trump Tower conference during the obstructed call. I’m no rapist

, but your papa is. Ask your mom.You know how on particular days you discovered the strength not to cheat on your partner, and on other days you didn’t? It’s like that.Add the worry of going on global television to testify in front of the most powerful men in America who want to

smear you, that will include to a baseline fear of flying and make the entire occasion more afraid. Anxieties are additive.

I’m a psychiatrist.You are such a moron. I have a worry of flying but will do it if I desire to or have to. Why not concentrate on what Kreepanaugh did you

dolt?What a moron. I hesitate of deep water but I have actually been in the ocean.