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On that fateful Saturday morning in 2012, our paths crossed for the very first time at the Government Department of the University of Ghana, Legon. I was at the department to get involved in the clean-up exercise as part of the yearly POSSA week celebrations and you were there to cover the event for Radio Univers.

This was in the second Semester of Level 100 for both of us. After the workout, we exchanged pleasantries and struck discussion which offered key insights. I was extremely excited to understand the imagine leaving the University with not just a degree but with refined abilities in Broadcast Journalism and the chance to consult with a fellow fresher was the right avenue to ask all the questions I had on my curious mind. The assistance you provided that day, showed crucial in the decision to get an area at Univers and when I achieved success in my bid, it was thoroughly excellent working with you at the famous JQB newsroom of Univers 105.7 FM. I learnt a lot from your sense of commitment, meticulousness and keen eye for detail.

After Univers, we got the opportunity to serve as NSS workers at Citi 97.3 FM. We strolled into the reception at No. 11 Dr. Morton Loop on 3rd August, 2015 with Fa Rida and Kwame Botchway prepared to learn, develop capacity and continue with the solid custom of quality which had attracted us to the Citi brand name. In no time, being the genuine gem you were, you found your feet initially with the then Online Department prior to relocating to the ‘much-coveted’ Business Desk. We were not simply work pals. Pius was one of the few individuals; I comfortably went over plans and problems connected to career development with. We cut our teeth on the weekend shift with Raymond Acquah and Franklin Badu Jnr.

There are numerous memories to share. Your deep issue, fellow sensation and persistence on excellence always influenced me throughout the time we collaborated. Papa Kyi– as I passionately called him– would always call or send a message, when there was a concern with a script or you pronounced a word without the ideal tension, tone or inflexion. That’s how deeply he cared about journalism, standards and quality. Pius spared no effort to ensure that the job at hand was provided with all the ‘T’s crossed and ‘I’s dotted.

Still fresh in my memory are the kudos you received for providing the advanced research study for the fantastic concerns, our mutual icon and boss, Bernard Avle asked at one of the Presidential encounters with the media. Our ever gracious Senior from Univers did not mince words in according due regard to the superior work you did. We all indulged in the glory-that was another point of fantastic inspiration for me and all our contemporaries in the newsroom however that was Pius– a trail blazer who put his soul into every piece he worked on for radio, online and later television.

The last time we satisfied, hardly 2 weeks back, I had hope that the course of healing will come cycle. I had unsurmountable faith that we would work together again and fulfill dreams of further education, family and unbridled success in our picked field, however the pale horse’s scythe struck when we least expected. Now I remain baffled and bemused, do I wish you a pleased birthday on this unique day or say Rest In Peace? I am comforted that you are in a much better location.

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