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If you have actually ever questioned what it resembles to fly an aircraft, an no non-essential discussion. You’re entirely concentrated on flying the aircraft.If you’re on

a longer flight, possibly down to the Canaries, it gets a bit more relaxed once you’re in the air but there’s still a great deal of keeping an eye on to be done and different checks, plus you have actually

got air traffic control service talking to you,

so you’re never sitting there with your iPod on.Sometimes the seatbelt light comes on when there does not appear to be a factor -why is that?It’s simply us bewaring- we may have been informed another airplane has actually experienced turbulence ahead for instance. Our primary issue is everyone’s security, so if there’s a danger we will put the light on, however often by the time we get there the turbulence has gone.Do you ever get scared?I’ve been asked this sometimes and the answer is no-hand on heart. I’ve been flying given that I was 16 and there’s never ever been a single celebration where I have actually felt scared in the air.To discover out about easyjet’s Fearless Flyer course visit.