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This is a video guide that demonstrates How to remove Ehiz virus (ransomware), Decrypt .ehiz files for free, Recover ransomware encrypted files. This guide is based on the instructions posted on

Ehiz virus (Ehiz ransomware) is a new malware that encrypts victims’ files and thus locks up the information contained in them.

The Video Guide Contents:
1. What is .ehiz file extension/Ehiz ransomware 0:00
2. How to remove Ehiz virus (ransomware) 00:37
2.1. Kill Ehiz virus 00:42
2.2. Disable Ehiz ransomware Start-Up 01:03
2.3. Delete Ehiz ransomware Task 01:20
2.4. Remove Ehiz virus 01:47

3. How to recover encrypted files 02:47
3.1. Decrypt .ehiz files 02:58
3.2. Recover .ehiz files using ShadowExplorer 3:53
3.3. Recover .ehiz files using PhotoRec 5:09

Links to FREE tools used in this guide:

1. Ehiz File Decrypt Tool (EmsiSoft STOP Djvu decryptor) –

2. ShadowExplorer –
3. PhotoRec –
4. Free malware removal tools –

If your Task Manager does not open or the Windows reports “Task manager has been disabled by your administrator”, then follow the guide

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!!! Be sure to scan your computer for malware before trying to decrypt or restore files.

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