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In this episode of How To Get Good, i teach you everything you need to know about taunting and range manipulation from a Tank perspective in The Elder Scrolls Online. I teach you the different taunts, how to apply them, how the affect the enemy. The do and don’t rules about taunting as well as explaining what “taunt immunity” actually means and WHY it happens. And finally the most important rule of all, HOW to pull enemies that WON’T come to you. Manipulating range is a BIG part of being a “good tank” and today you are going to learn how to do it RIGHT!
#eso #beginner #tanking #guide

00:00 – Intro
00:58 – Basic Taunting/Aggression
02:40 – Understanding the term “taunt Immunity”
04:07 – Manipulating Range
07:41 – Final Example – Unchain-able enemies!
09:20 – Thank you for watching!

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