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Heart pounding. Dry mouth. Hands shaking. Words fumbling. Anxiety at its finest. The first time I spoke in front of an audience about God was an overall flop by earthly standards. I rushed through as fast as possible so I didn’t need to stand there alone for another second. I had let worry take control of and drive me into failure. Or so I thought.I went house

and cried.Why did God

call me to write, speak, and encourage others in His name if I could not physically do it? Didn’t He understand I wasn’t efficient in this? Didn’t He understand I’m comfortable hiding right here in front of my computer?He did know that, however He also understood I required to learn an important lesson prior to moving forward. That none of this– the failures nor the wins– are about what I can alone. It has to do with Jesus working with me for my good and the good of others as we step forward in faith. It’s about Jesus dealing with me for my excellent and the good

of others as we step forward in faith. After seeing their beloved Jesus die on a cross, I imagine His fans were

puzzled and afraid. Maybe they even felt abandoned in the faith they were once so sure of. Jesus, knowing every one of their fears, revealed Himself to His disciples to encourage their faith and to instruct them. Some followers thought when they saw Jesus, others required assistance believing.” And when they saw Him they worshiped Him,however some questioned. And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in paradise and

on earth has been offered to Me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations … teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age ‘”(Matthew 28:17 -20 esv ). When confronted with fear, fans of Christ have a choice to make– will we doubt His presence? Or believe Jesus is really with us in the struggle? What we pick identifies if we can overcome our

fears.Many times I have actually doubted in my life. I’ve thought I was alone in parenting battles, marital relationship lows, task crises, health frightens– and most just recently the very first time I stood in front of an audience.

In some way I understood that God was here for the overall picture however not the daily ugly. Wrong. I poured over Matthew 28:17 -20 considering how Jesus informs to go out boldly in his name. It struck me that prior to Jesus asks His disciples to go, He tells them all authority in heaven and in the world comes from Him. This is

important, not even if it permits us to rely on that we have a powerful God, however since of the words that follow.”And behold, I am with you constantly, to the end of theage.”If Jesus is with us, that suggests His power is too. If Jesus is with us, that suggests His power is too.As a language instructor I understand words can not be equated completely.

I desired to know exactly what that indicated that” I am “would be “with “us”constantly “.

I looked up the original Greek to much better comprehend these crucial

words of our Rescuer. Here’s the gist … The word here for”I am”is “ego eimi”which is the very same name Jesus describes himself when He states” I am the method “in John 14:6. Interestingly, the Greek word for”with”in this passage is an active with.

It’s a”with”that implies Jesus is

operating in us, not simply waiting viewing as we labor solo. ” always “implies each and every part of the total. Each moment that makes up our entire lives. Not just the pretty ones.Putting this all together, Jesus assures to deal with us every time He calls us to step out of our convenience zones. Knowing this breaks down my worry when I march in faith. Thinking Jesus is working behind the scenes every time I put myself out there in

obedience grows my self-confidence and moves me forward. We’re not alone, however when we feel as if we are, let’s remember Jesus’pledge. The fantastic

I am will be working with us in every moment, always. Let’s link! How have you seen the great I AM at work in your everyday life? Comment below or on FaceBook and find out more about conquering fear with Jesus over at even better, an upcoming Vibrant and Brave conference! -Andrea