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Ford's testimony failed to disprove claim that her motives in coming forward were political

Christine Blasey Ford(Image: YouTube screen grab)Any sentient being seeing yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings might see that both principles– Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh– were in a highly charged psychological state. Democrats in the chamber took Ford’s at-times-teary testament as a sign of her genuineness. I don’t question that she believes the claims she has made against Kavanaugh, but her attitude yesterday was driven at least in part by the media circus of the past week and fear over current death hazards she and her family have actually gotten. She acknowledged as much early in her pain with remaining in restricted spaces, you may remember, was among the reasons she offered for not being able to make the hearings scheduled for last Tuesday. At the time, it seemed like a stall method, and her responses the other day just served to increase that suspicion:

RACHEL MITCHELL: Might I ask, Dr. Ford, how did you get to Washington?CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD:

In an airplane.MITCHELL: OK. It’s– I ask that, due to the fact that it’s been reported by the press that you would not send to an interview with the committee since of your worry of flying. Is– is that true?FORD: Well, I wanted– I was hoping that they would concern me, but then I realized that

was an unrealistic request.MITCHELL: It would’ve been a quicker trip for me.FORD: Yes. So that was certainly what I was hoping, was to avoid having

to get on a plane, however I became able to get up

the gumption with the assistance of some friends, and get on the plane.MITCHELL: OK(ph ). When you were here in the mid– mid-Atlantic location back in August, end of July, August, how did you get here?FORD: Likewise by airplane. I come here as soon as a year during the summer season to visit my family.FORD: I’m sorry, not here. I go to Delaware.MITCHELL: OK. In fact, you fly fairly often for your hobbies and your– you’ve needed to

fly for your work. Is that true?FORD: Correct, unfortunately.MITCHELL: You– you were a consulting biostatistician in Sydney

, Australia. Is that right?FORD: I’ve never ever been to Australia, however the company that I worked for is based in Australia, and they have an office in San Francisco, California.FORD: I– I don’t believe I

‘ll make it to Australia.I also saw on your C.V. that you note the following interests of browse travel, and you, in parentheses”Hawaii, Costa Rica, South Pacific islands and French Polynesia.”Have you been all to those places?MITCHELL: And your interests also include oceanography, Hawaiian and Tahitian culture. Did you take a trip by air as a part of those interests?MITCHELL: All. Thank you very much.One extra point from this block of statement worth noting is Ford’s remark that she”was hoping that they, “indicating the committee members, “would pertain to me, but then I understood that was an unrealistic demand.”She declared not to have”comprehended”Chairman Chuck Grassley’s deal to fly out to Palo Alto to interview her there.Ford might have an unwitting pawn– she likewise testified that she” didn’t comprehend why

I would need attorneys”when Feinstein prompted her to legal representative up– however there

is no concern she was a gamer in the Democrats ‘”determined and managed political hit. “