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Day after day, Puerto Ricans took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands demanding the governor’s resignation. This was a response to the governor’s publication of chats in which he expressed the vilest, most disgusting ideas: homophobia, sexism, fun of Hurricane Maria’s victims. In the past month, Puerto Ricans have uncovered the most blatant examples of corruption by their government: directed towards unqualified favored businesses. Puerto Rico’s US-born education secretary Julia Keleher was indicted by the FBI for this fraud, along with Ángela Ávila-Marrero of Puerto Rico’s Health Insurance Administration. 

After years of neoliberal measures, privatizations, an unpayable debt, a hurricane caused by a global climate crisis that Puerto Ricans played essentially no role in creating… poor and working class Puerto Ricans stood up. 

With the slogan Ricky Renuncia (“Ricky, Resign”), Puerto Rico spent the last 12 days in mobilizations. Waving Puerto Rican and rainbow flags, they spent the day walking through the hot sun to express their dissatisfaction. On Monday, there was a strike calling for Rosello’s resignation. At night, protestors still hadn’t left the streets, and they faced tear gas and rubber bullets. And people mobilized in solidarity around the world. Hundreds walked in solidarity in the rain in New York City, for example, and ended their protest at Grand Central Station. 

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First Rosello said he wouldn’t run for re-election. That wasn’t enough for the emboldened and enraged protesters.. The mobilizations were victorious, late Wednesday night toppling Ricky Rosello. His concession speech was entirely wacky, claiming his government was effective and one of the best in Puerto Rico’s history. 

The fight isn’t over though. The Puerto Rican regime, more afraid of the mobilizations of the working class than of a new governor, is seeking an orderly transition to the justice secretary, Wanda Vázquez. But this won’t change the colonial relationship with the United States or the . Hurricane Maria’s ongoing effects mean the Puerto Rican masses still have a great deal to fight for. We’ve seen how when governments fall, the most organized sector always takes power. This means the military in the case of the Arab Spring, or even Sudan’s latest case. Even if the right can’t seize the opportunity, what is to say a more politically correct capitalist won’t come into power, also carrying out neoliberal measures for the benefit of the capitalists? The Puerto Rican working class deserves its own government—one based on self-governing democratic organs, free from U.S. colonialism and capitalist parasites.

Meanwhile, in the U.S.…

Meanwhile, in the United States, a very different situation was happening. Certainly, Donald Trump has shown his abhorrent ideas and policies: “grab them by the pussy,” “shithole counties,” “go back where you came from,” etc. etc.. Donald Trump is responsible for the deaths in camps of 24 people, including at least six children.  

There’s plenty of reasons to overthrow Trump. 

Yet the Democratic Party and the bourgeois #Resistance in Washington place all their hopes on Robert Mueller’s special counsel. After September 11, the former FBI chief was responsible for building the massive repressive apparatus. The #Resistance continued their fishing expedition in the air-conditioned Capitol building, wearing suits and ties, trying to tie Trump into collusion with the Russian government. 

For the increasing numbers of people who want to get rid of Trump, but aren’t sure how, the answers cannot be found in Muller’s testimony. 

And the answers won’t come from the Democratic Party. Despite all the hype, impeachment proceedings are actually opposed by the Democrats. This is because the Democratic Party wants to work with Trump: they agree on militarized borders, on funding ICE (which many Democrats in the House voted for) and even on compromising on the border wall (which many Democrats, including Sanders voted for). Even the most left-wing members did not show any leadership in organizing any kind of active mobilization against the concentration camps. 

We have a clear way forward for all those who oppose Trump.

It isn’t waiting until November to vote the “right people” in—especially since the Democrats have shown time and again that even if they talk big during election season, they will sell us out in the end. 

It isn’t in lobbying Congress and waiting, waiting forever for the politicians to vote some timid resolutions. It’s not in trusting capitalists and their parties. It’s not in counting on a smoking gun to emerge out of the Russia-gate circus.

Puerto Rico shows the way forward: strikes, protests, mobilizations of masses. That’s how we are winning. It is also central to supporting and mobilizing people around the world who have shown solidarity. Of course, if Puerto Rican workers and other oppressed sectors continued to fight, U.S. people’s mobilizations would be central. 

And yet, Puerto Rico’s struggle is an important lesson for us in the U.S. If a hurricane-ravaged, hyper-privatized American colony’s people can rise and win, so can we. The fight in the streets isn’t just for “those people,” for the Black and Brown people in semi-colonies. The same principles are applicable here. 

If we fight, like the Puerto Rican masses, we can defeat Trump.