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Often, it is the young who learn from their elders.

As children, we look up to our parents and older siblings as our guide into almost anything.

We learn by mimicking what they do, or they teach us along the way until we learn to do it on our own.

However, the elders can learn from the young ones, too.

It could be as simple as teaching our grandparents or parents how to use their smartphones and take a few selfies for memories.

Little kids also teach us (sometimes, remind us) the basics of human decency.

As for animals? Yes, it is the same two-way learning process.

Phantom is a gentle giant and is only seven years old.

You can feel his youthful energy whenever you see him run around the field and play with other horses.

He also loves going to the beach or river – anywhere with water, and those happy hooves splish-splash with joy that would carry you away (sometimes, literally)!

Then, the humans brought in a new horse, and Phantom news he was on a mission.

The Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue (GGDHR) has been rescuing horses that suffer from or are potential for abuse, neglect, and slaughter.

They bring these horses to their farm and help them rehabilitate, retrain, and rehome them someday.

They rescued this quiet and shy Teton, who was in his early 30s at that time.

Teton was not in the best shape.

He was sore, and his hoof had holes and was deformed.

Because of that, he couldn’t walk too far and too fast.

His hoof also needed to be reformed and reshaped so he could walk normally.

All this caused Teton a lot of stress and pain.

That’s where Phantom came in. He always knew when others needed him, so he was quick to come to Teton’s side and offer comfort whenever it was time to reshape his hoof.

His emotional support was all his older buddy needed to get through all the pain.

Phantom also pushed Teton to walk further each day.

He would often trot in front of Teton so he could follow him.

He would take him out for a little walk, a little farther each time.

Soon, Teton became stronger and started walking for miles with his best buddy.

The two also go on fun little adventures around the farm.

The only time Teton was out of his field was for vet visits.

And since Phantom loved the water so much, GGDHR staff took these two by the creek.

Teton wasn’t sure what to do there in the water, but Phantom showed him the way.

The moment he saw that he was splashing, he also did the same.

Phantom and Teton’s relationship is a great example of how elders look up to young ones.

Slowly but surely, day after day, Teton enjoyed life in the field even more.

Gone was the sad and sulking horse they brought in because they now had an alpha male.

All thanks to Phantom love and are to his dear ol’ buddy.

Watch the touching friendship of Phantom and Teton in the video below!

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Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.