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written by Adam McGahagin

A good friend emailed me, after reading a previous short article I had written, with a question.

She said: “I’ve always been taught and thought that God wasn’t capable of doing evil things. That the problems we go through in life are either induced by our own actions or by the actions of those that we chose to go through life with. I don’t feel like I did anything in my marriage to be worthy of being cheated on and lied to continuously, but I’m dealing with anxiety, anger, and lots of other feelings as well as a monetary problem, and a frustrating schedule modification from week to week (for STBX “visitation” with my kid), etc. Was this was induced because of the person I was with, and not always something I did? Forgive me if this entire thing is a bit complicated. However tonight, after reading your post, I searched for the verse that you referenced, and after that keep reading to Job 42:11 (NIV). It says “They comforted and consoled him over all the problem the Lord had actually caused him,” (the KJV text utilizes the word “wicked” instead of problem). Now, at this moment, I need to probably do more research into the trouble/evil that Task withstood. I was just a little baffled by this and wanted to discuss it. Have I been taught wrong; that God isn’t efficient in doing evil things? And now I’m recalling the story of Sodom & & Gomorrah, where God damaged the city due to all of the evil within it, but in my mind, I’m thinking that it was because of those peoples actions. I don’t understand. Fix me if I’m wrong on any of this. Like I said, you’ve stimulated a fire inside of me that is yearning to know my God more. “

Here’s my reaction:

To start with, God is great. We understand this due to the fact that His Word states so, and God can not lie. God is not wicked, however completely good. There is evil worldwide because guy is fallen. Romans 8:28 states, “and we understand that for those who like God all things work together for excellent, for those who are called according to His purpose.” (ESV) Apart from God, there is absolutely nothing that we can do that is good. We are wicked beings and until we have the one on one encounter with Jesus, we will continue to be such. Our actions reflect that of being wicked beings, they effect everyone around us. We have the choice to make best decisions that honor God, or incorrect choices that harm ourselves and those around us. God, in being good, permits us to make those choices. If He forced us to be excellent, we ‘d have no reason to select Him. And given that we have that freewill, we often pick ourselves and not Him. That, in turn, harms others. I actually hope that makes sense.I do not actually understand why God allowed all that bad things to take place to Task. It does not appear reasonable because Task was a righteous guy in the eyes of God and all his friends. Here’s the kicker, though: Before ANYTHING might happen to Task, Satan had to go before God and ask Him if he (Satan) could attack Task. I think God understood that Task would not pull back, so He permitted Satan to assault the crap out of him. And through everything, Task stood strong in his faith! All his buddies had deserted him. His own partner, in seeing all the anguish and pain he was going through, told him to “curse God and pass away.” However Task continued in his faith. After everything decreased, God promised Job a fantastic ancestry. The remarkable thing about that pledge was one of the very first things that occurred to Job was a home crumbling down and eliminating all his kids! So, we have God promising Job terrific origins, yet allowing Satan to kill all his kids.I guess God allows things to occur to us because He knows that if we are TRULY in Him, nothing can shake our faith. We’ll mess up sometimes, we’ll question Him and wonder where the crap He remains in a scenario, but if we ride it out, we’ll be able to look back and see how He brought us through. I can tell you that I’ve invested many nights asking God, “Where are You? I’m so depressed, I’m so messed up, and I don’t see You. Why will not You just take this crap out of my life?” And I can inform you that now, recalling, it’s pressed me closer to Him, and what’s more, He utilized the dark periods that I’ve gone through to bring wish to the lives of others having problem with the same things. If I hadn’t handled anxiety, I wouldn’t have a commonalities other individuals going through it. Now I can come alongside those handling darkness in their lives and share the Hope that is God.Toward the end of

the book of Job, Task did spend a good quantity of time questioning God. Job 30:20 -21, “I weep out to you, O God, but you do not respond to; I stand, but you merely take a look at me. You switch on me ruthlessly; with the may of your hand you attack me.” To me, this confirms that God invites our questions, doubts and fears, however view what takes place next …

After Job ends up going off, God says to him, “Dress for action like a guy” (Which was God informing Job to gird his loins, or “Put on your spiritual cup due to the fact that I have to do with kick you in the metaphorical nuts”). He goes on to ask Task where he was when He made the earth, to name a few remarkable things that could only be attributed to God’s hands (chapter 38). I think the factor God went to town on Job was due to the fact that He desired him to understand that He is God and He is in control, that He knows what’s going on and absolutely nothing is allowed without His say. It’s really a reassuring thing to understand that Satan wants to throw his crap at us, however he can’t do it unless God enables him to do so. It actually states a lot about what God considers us and the faith that He has in us. Take a look at it in this manner, (and yes, it’s quite cliche to say this, but); If you’re not being attacked spiritually, then you do not have Satan frightened. However, if all hell is breaking out in your life, Satan is scared of the things you’re doing for God. For me, the most reassuring thing to keep when experiencing spiritual attack, is knowing that God needed to enable Satan to attack.Even though our company believe in God and have faith through Jesus Christ, His boy, that does not require us exempt from dark hours and terrible situations. God understands that we have all that we need to overcome or endure such trials. He is all we require to ward off Satan. It’s our choice whether or not we come to Him in difficulties, however we do have all the tools we require. God does not do evil, Satan does. But, God is the rescuer and redeemer of humanity through the life-giving blood of Jesus Christ, our connection in between God and male. Wow, I actually hope all of that made sense which I addressed your concern.

I don’t declare to understand everything, as I am simply a” basic guy.” You’re welcome to ask any concerns you might have. I’ll do everything I can to address them, and if I end up puzzling you or anything, let me know.