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The Arizona district attorney hired by Republican senators to interrogate Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s recollections of being sexually assaulted by their chosen Supreme Court candidate attempted to weaken her credibility Thursday by focusing on her fear of flying.After declining to

ask about Dr. Blasey Ford’s particular recollections of being attacked inside an upstairs bed room by Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge that summertime, district attorney Rachel Mitchell moved on to a series of concerns focused on the procedure by which the professor ended up testifying at all.The facility of the numerous lines of

questioning accords with conservative conspiracies which hold that Blasey Ford is a plant, or a fraud, or a politically determined saboteur of Kavanaugh’s election for a lifelong term. At one point, Mitchell tried to play that gotcha video game by concentrating on the teacher’s flight history– insinuating that her earlier reservations about pertaining to Washington were made-up, or that her claims of having actually hesitated to fly out earlier should be bunk since she’s here now. “May I ask, Dr. Ford, how did you get to Washington?”Mitchell said.

“In an airplane, “Blasey Ford answered.After discussing that she was asking due to the fact that the press had reported Blasey Ford “would not

submit to an interview with the committee due to the fact that of your fear of flying,”the district attorney proceeded to interrogate the physician about her enthusiasm for tropical getaways and surfing, her yearly journey to check out family in Delaware, and her prior employment with an Australia-based company.”In reality you fly fairly regularly for your pastimes and you have had to fly for you work, is that true?”Mitchell said.Blasey Ford took the weird line of questioning in stride, though Twitter emerged with confusion, mockery, and anger at the kindergarten-argument style of logic obviously being invoked by the representative of Republicans who have actually explained they expect to confirm Kavanaugh to the court no matter what occurs on Thursday.< a href= > The Kavanaugh hearing is an ensured sham Kavanaugh will deal with just one round of questioning, with

a committee vote tentatively scheduled for

the next day.Later on, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley(R-IA)surrendered to the temptation to quarrel for the 4th or fifth time so far, telling the professor that she was mistaken about the committee’s hesitation to send out personnel out to California to meet her earlier in the summer. Grassley has repeatedly perforated the veil Republicans sought to set up by handing their time over to Mitchell, emerging varyingly< a href= > at Democratic peers on the committee and at his own staff.The committee has not subpoenaed any of the possible witnesses to Blasey Ford’s supposed attack by Kavanaugh, consisting of Judge, the nominee’s close boyhood buddy who

‘s released numerous books detailing his carousing days as a blackout intoxicated. Blasey Ford stated running into Judge weeks after the celebration at the Safeway where he then worked, and seeing her co-assaulter’s face go white when he recognized her.Judge’s own fears about travel are unknown. He is reportedly holed up at a beach home in Delaware as his fellow Republicans look for to assault the trustworthiness of Blasey Ford.