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In a letter sent out to Grassley, which was acquired by Fox News, Ford’s longtime boyfriend stated that she never ever discussed any sexual assault experiences, coached a pal on taking a polygraph test, and frequently flew without revealing any fear.BREAKING: Fox’s @johnrobertsFox obtains letter from Ford ex-boyfriend declaring: dated for 6 yrs, never told of sex attack, Ford coached good friend on taking polygraph, flew frequently w/o expressing any worry of flying/tight spaces/limited exits. Doesn’t wish to b/c “included”.!.?.!— Shannon Bream(@ShannonBream) October 3, 2018″I experienced Dr.

Ford help McLean prepare for a potential polygraph test. Dr. Ford explained in detail what to expect, how polygraphs worked and assisted McLean end up being familiar and

less anxious about the test. Dr. Ford was able to assist because of her background in psychology,” Ford’s former boyfriend wrote.Grassley concluded his letter by stating Ford’s”statement hinges on evidence to which Dr. Ford has actually consistently referred– a few of which has already been supplied to a nationally circulated paper– however which you have actually declined to provide to the Senate.”