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There’s a small problem with Team Late Night taunting Donald Trump on a near-nightly basis.

The real estate mogul no longer calls 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home. He can do or say anything he wants as a private citizen, and it won’t impact our lives. He’s not even allowed on most social media platforms.

And yet Colbert/Kimmel/Meyers and co. use any excuse to bring him up.



Not Greg Gutfeld.

The host of Fox News’ “Gutfeld!” burns far more calories mocking the folks who control the levers of power in 2022. Think:

    President Joe Biden
    Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
    Dr. Anthony Fauci, point man for the nation’s pandemic response

They hold sizable sway over our lives, not the former President. It’s called speaking “Truth to Power,” something late night satirists once considered their core mission.

No longer.

Perhaps that’s why “Gutfeld!” crashed the late night landscape and regularly trumps most, if not all, of his competition.

Cases in point:

Gutfeld lashed out at the violent, fascist Antifa mob for canceling a live appearance by journalist Andy Ngo at Dartmouth. It’s Free Speech 101, but because Ngo reveals the truth behind Antifa, the Colbert of the world won’t mention them.

Gutfeld will, though.

“Will the school change its nickname from Big Green to Big Yellow to match the streak down their backs?” Gutfeld cracked, referencing Dartmouth’s inability to let the event proceed as planned.

Gutfeld also greeted Pelosi’s cringe-worthy re-election campaign video with sizable snark.



Nancy made the announcement on Twitter with technical help from someone one-eighth her age and asked herself, “What are the three most important issues facing Congress?”

Gutfeld teased Pelosi for chanting, “‘our children our children, our children” during the video.

“The last time I heard that it was from a parent filing the police report outside CNN,” Gutfeld said.

The Fox News host also dinged Dr. Fauci after even more evidence emerged of his medical malfeasance. New reports showed Dr. Fauci threw as much cold water on the lab leak theory behind COVID-19 as possible, all the while knowing that was the most likely source of the pandemic. Even more damning? He did so, potentially, to cover up for his own actions tied to “gain of function” research.

Except Gutfeld couldn’t wait for his late night slot to skewer the pandemic “guru.” He did so from the comfort of Fox News’ The Five broadcast earlier in the day:

“Fauci should probably resign and get a lawyer. No wonder that Dr. Fauci was quivering whenever anybody brought up China because the paper trail doesn’t just involve Chinese scientist, it involves American scientists too.”

“Think about the class-action litigation on this, when you’re talking about 12 million people dead,” Gutfeld continued. “You could bankrupt a country. That’s trillions in settlements if you want to do it. So, somebody has to go to jail; if you’re arresting non-vaxxed people at Applebee’s, somebody should be paying the price for this, which is now becoming a holocaust, right?”

Your turn, Colbert … assuming you’re still in the “truth to power” business.

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