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This Black History Month, we have actually got our eyes on the current class of leaders, who, standing on the shoulders of giants, move the conversation forward through effort, determination, and resourcefulness. From HBCU valedictorians to business owners leading the charge, here’s to the next generation.

Over the last several years, lots of studies have shown a link between social networks and psychological illnesses amongst teenagers as online platforms and socials media have actually ended up being danger zones for cyberbullying, violence, and other uncomfortable experiences. At the same time, however, tech and wellness are becoming more associated as individuals work to produce entrepreneurs of color making their mark on the app and wellness world with their invention of an app called Hannah and Charlie Lucas Thanks To Amber Law The concept for the app followed 15-year-old Hannah passed out due to her postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a condition that affects circulation. The episode left the teen terrified of being alone, which led to anxiety, stress and anxiety, and to self-harming behaviors. By the end of her freshman year of high school, she missed out on 196 classes due to her condition. During among Hannah’s lowest minutes, in which she contemplated injuring herself, she questioned, “What if there was a button I could push and somebody would right away know I was not OK?”

This question led to her and her sibling creating the notOK App ™, which formally released on

Jan. 31.– notOK App ™( @NotOKApp) January 31, 2018 As Hannah thought of in her time of distress, the app is actually a button for assistance.

When the burdens of stress and stress and anxiety can be excessive to bear, in some cases even too overwhelming to compose a text or place a phone call, the app permits users to alert their pre-selected group of emergency situation contacts with ease. The group gets a text that checks out:”Hey, I’m not OKAY. Please call me, text me, or come discover me,”in addition to a link to the user’s present GPS place. Thanks to Hannah and Charlie Lucas Even with the development of social media and digital interaction, it can still be challenging for people to reveal or share what they are going through as there is still so much preconception associated with psychological health.” We’re so close to being grownups and being on our own that we typically do not wish to request for help since we want to show everyone, especially our parents, they do not require to hold our hands and stroll us through life, “Hannah told A Plus.”The notOK app makes requesting aid much easier since it takes the uncertainty out of it. It’s just pushing a button and letting the app speak for you. It sort of takes the pride problem out of play.” “I intend to influence change when it pertains to social stigmas,”Hannah informed us. “I want everyone to know: it is

OKAY to be’notOK.’That’s simply not a catchphrase, it’s a lifestyle for me. For the longest time when I was dealing with depression and self harm, I carried so much shame. The pity and pride I had kept me from reaching out. However no more. It is OK to be dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, cutting. It’s OK due to the fact that you’re not the only one handling it. That’s what I found out through this process. “”The minute I started sharing my struggles, it released my good friends to share theirs also. I

desire everyone to understand they are not alone in their issues. “– notOK App ™( @NotOKApp) January 31, 2018 With psychological health movements like Jan. 31 #LetsTalkDay, which is honoredin the United States and Canada, and current guidelines requiring < a href=""target=_ blank > mental health education to be taught in New york city schools, a growing number of people are becoming mindful of how typical mental health concerns are and how definitely required(and OK)it is to request for support. Hannah offered some guidance for fellow teens on how they can practice self-care and manage their

psychological wellness in a healthy way stating,”[ The initial step is sharing] what they’re going through with their good friends or moms and dads. It’s a freeing sensation understanding you’re not alone. The second thing I ‘d tell them is to surround themselves with reliable friends who are also excellent influences. As far as self-care, the finest thing you can do is find out to like yourself for who you are. Accept the genuine you and stop wishing you were a Snapchat filter or a brilliant, glossy Instagram post, since those IG posts are not genuine life.”Cover image by means of Hannah and Charlie Lucas