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Remembers those message bugs that can crash smartphones? It turns out gaming console might have a similar issue, according to some PlayStation 4 owners who experienced it. There’s an easy way to fix it till Sony formally resolves it.

A PS4 owner observed the concern while playing Rainbow 6: Siege, and published a warning ,” suggesting they’re utilizing the hack to take out other gamers by briefly bricking their consoles.To fix the problem, you’ll need to go to the Settings app on the XMB, then Account Management, and after that Privacy Settings. Therein, go to Personal Info/Messages, and set it to good friends just or no one.As Polygon discusses, the best alternative would be to customize the settings from a webweb browser or the PlayStation buddy app available on iOS and Android. That method, you will not inadvertently activate the bug, in case you’re one of the potentially impacted users.Sony will probably find a way to neutralize the bug in the future, at which point you

‘ll have the ability to enable anybody to message you if that’s what you want.Image Source: Jensen/Epa/REX/ Shutterstock Tags:,