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A government list of individuals who are very vulnerable to coronavirus, which is being shared with supermarkets to help them arrange grocery deliveries, has missed thousands of people off.

NHS Digital has actually assembled a list of 900,000 patients in England with conditions that suggest they must self-isolate for 12 weeks, and GP surgical treatments and medical facility physicians are adding an additional 600,000 clients to this.

Clients on the list should have begun receiving letters validating that they are extremely vulnerable to coronavirus, but a BBC report found that countless people with qualifying conditions had not yet been contacted.

This indicates that, while supermarkets have been hectic cross-matching the lists they’ve been offered against their own client databases and getting in touch with matches to use shipment slots, countless individuals are still struggling to get food delivered to their homes while they self-isolate.

Here, Which? discusses what to do if you believe you’re clinically vulnerable but have not been called, how grocery stores and neighborhood groups are attempting to assist, and what to do if you need aid but haven’t gotten any.

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To find out what COVID-19 suggests for your rights, travel, health and way of life, have a look at the most recent coronavirus news and guidance from Which?.

Government presents emergency food parcels for vulnerable people

The UK federal government has actually said that a total of 1.5 million people in England who are classed as being most susceptible to coronavirus must get a letter outlining the actions they need to take to secure themselves. These steps are referred to as ‘shielding’.

The government has actually so far written to 900,000 of the 1.5 million individuals. GPs and hospital medical professionals are now adding a more 600,000.

More than 80,000 very vulnerable people in Wales will get a letter from the chief medical officer for NHS Wales, and those in Scotland will speak with NHS Scotland. Clients in Northern Ireland will get a letter from their GP.

As part of the federal government’s steps, people with extreme health conditions are being asked to ‘shield’ themselves from contact with other individuals, consisting of avoiding in person interactions, for 12 weeks from the date they get the letter.

To support those who can’t leave their houses and are unable to access materials through good friends, household or local groups, a weekly food delivery is readily available.

This is being arranged by the federal government in partnership with the food service industry, regional government and local strength online forums. The complimentary boxes will be delivered weekly and are stated to contain similar food products, including pasta and tinned items, across the nation.

Neighborhoods secretary Robert Jenrick said that the first 2,000 food parcels had been provided on 29 March, and more went out recently, bringing the very first batch of deliveries to 50,000. Depending upon demand, it’s estimated that numerous thousands of boxes might be delivered every week.

Who is eligible to receive a totally free food parcel, and how do you register for one?

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Who will get a free food parcel?

The food parcels are developed to help those who are classified as medically incredibly susceptible and who have actually been informed to stay at home and avoid in person contact for 12 weeks.

People with medical conditions putting them in this group may have received a letter from the NHS to let them understand, or been gotten in touch with by their GP or health center clinician.

The incredibly vulnerable group includes people with serious respiratory conditions consisting of all cystic fibrosis, extreme asthma and severe COPD patients.

How do I get a complimentary food parcel?


If you have not currently been contacted with guidance and have a condition that makes you scientifically susceptible to coronavirus, you can register at You’ll need your NHS number to do so.


At-risk Scottish residents will be determined via national datasets and through GP or healthcare facility records. High-risk individuals will get a letter from NHS National Solutions Scotland, and can ask for a totally free food box from the Scottish Government.

Those that have received a letter can do so by texting 07860 064525. This connects you to a text message service covering assistance for food, consisting of complimentary food boxes and medicines.

Those without a cellphone are asked to access assistance by means of their regional assistance centre. More advice for shielding assistance can be found on


We were unable to find a similar list of contacts for residents of Wales, however high-risk citizens need to be able to request a free weekly food box by contacting their local authority. If there are two qualified individuals within a home, 2 boxes will be delivered.

There is more guidance on shielding for high-risk people at

Northern Ireland

Food parcels have started to be delivered to those in Northern Ireland that have been informed to protect by their GPs.

At the moment there are strategies to provide 10,000 food parcels a week, but Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey has actually stated this might be scaled up or down based on information from the COVID-19 Community Helpline, regional partnership groups and councils.

There’s likewise a COVID-19 helpline for Northern Ireland, which you can call:

  • By calling 0808 802 0020 By emailing By texting ACTION to 81025 Supermarkets working to assist vulnerable consumers Grocery stores have actually raced toexecute procedures to support susceptible clients

, including assigning devoted in-store shopping hours for

susceptible and senior buyers and setting up helplines for those who can’t get online delivery slots. However in spite of these measures, numerous senior and vulnerable people have remained unable to book shipment slots for online shopping.

Dedicated hours for susceptible consumers in shop If you’re senior or vulnerable but are able to utilize shops, use the table listed below to discover out when each grocery store is open for vulnerable consumers and their

carers. If you’re unable to use the shops and are attempting to get an online delivery, see the area below. Grocery store Dedicated hours for vulnerable consumers Aldi Can go into stores thirty minutes before opening time from Mon-Sat Asda No dedicated hours Co-op’Prioritised’ Mon-Sat 8am-9am; Sun 10am-11am Iceland Hour of trading Mon-Sat Lidl

No dedicated hours Marks & Spencer Hour of trading on Mon and Thu Morrisons No dedicated hours Sainsbury’s Mon, Wed, Fri 8am-9am Tesco Mon, Wed, Fri 9am-10am Waitrose Hour of opening How do I get a grocery store shipment slot if I’m a vulnerable


Recently, the government
stated it would

share with grocery stores a database listing 1.5 million
people in England classified as exceptionally vulnerable. Grocery stores planned to cross-reference the
list versus existing registered customers and offer shipment slots.

In Northern Ireland, Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey informed Excellent Morning Ulster that her department and the Department of Health were trying to liaise with sellers, but that supplying information on vulnerable people was a more complex concern as the details isn’t saved on a single database

. What is each grocery store doing to assist? Some

grocery stores have also started to
present support

helplines, or utilize details taped

through commitment plans to call the most susceptible customers

. We’ve listed what each supermarket is doing below, alphabetically. Asda is struggling to discover a system for identifying vulnerable customers that will be safe from abuse. It is motivating those who can to go shopping in shop, to maximize slots for vulnerable consumers. It has actually presented a shopping card for volunteers who are buying those who can’t leave your home. It can be topped up in a comparable method to an e-giftcard and sent to the volunteer or left in a safe area for them to gather. This suggests that vulnerable people do not need to turn over money to volunteers, and there’s no requirement

for an exchange of bank details. Co-op has actually teamed up with Deliveroo to deliver fundamental essentials to homes in self-isolation without a shipment charge. This will be run from around 400 shops. M&S is also working with Deliveroo to deliver groceries from around 120 franchisesin BP fuel stations. Like Asda, it has presented a contactless gift card that susceptible people can purchase for those aiding with their shopping to use. Morrisons has actually announced strategies to open a helpline for susceptible clients. We’ll update this story with the telephone number once it’s readily available. Ocado is determining susceptible clients and offering them priority access to and delivery slots. Sainsbury’s had currently called 450,000 customers that it had actually determined as being susceptible or senior through its records. The government list enabled it to determine and begin to contact

a further 150,000 says it has actually matched information from the federal government list of susceptible individuals in England with 75,000 existing consumers and contacted them to provide deliveries. has actually offered assistance to more than 450,000 elderly or susceptible customers through priority access to online delivery, consisting of 170,000

consumers through its consumer careline. It had likewise recognized commitment card holders aged over 70 who had their birthday noted on their account.

The grocery store plans to expand the variety of house shipment and click-and-collect slots to 600,000 by the end of this week, with additional growth planned after that.

Sainsbury’s has asked consumers aged 70+in England to sign up on its automated phone system: 0800 953 4988. Susceptible shoppers or those aged over 70 and living in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland can call Sainsbury’s on 0800 328 1700. Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe emailed clients on 3 April to apologise to those who had struggled to survive, stating that the team is working at complete capacity. Tesco doesn’t have a devoted phone line for vulnerable consumers, however has actually asked customers to go shopping in shop where possible, and leave online shipment slots for susceptible individuals and those self-isolating. Tesco says it has actually matched details from the government list of vulnerable people in England with 75,000 existing customers and called them to offer shipments. It states it has increased shipment slots by 20% (145,000 )in the past 2 weeks and plans to continue broadening its capacity.

Waitrose has started to use elderly and vulnerable clients top priority access to shipment slots, and has actually called those who have formerly determined themselves as senior or vulnerable when utilizing Waitrose online orders or through the MyWaitrose loyalty scheme. It has asked that customers wait for additional information, instead of getting in touch with customer care directly. It has actually also launched a volunteer payment card which can be packed with credit and then utilized to pay for a vulnerable individual’s shopping.

What else can you do? Supermarkets are asking exceptionally susceptible people to sign up for assistance utilizing the type on, or through their regional authority for Northern Ireland, Scotland

and Wales. School meal coupon plan In March, schools were forced to shut to all children apart from those of essential employees, susceptible kids and those with particular special requirements. School closures left many families worried about how

to feed children who normally get totally free school meals. Around 1.3 million children in England are currently entitled to totally free school meals. For some, schools will continue to supply meals for collection or delivery. Where this isn’t possible, families will be released with an electronic coupon or gift card for ₤ 15 for each child each week to spend at supermarkets. Schools have actually been able to buy the coupon codes online since 31 March, and ministers hoped that parents would begin to get these on the exact same day. The Welsh government prepares to roll out a similar voucher plan, however schools and regional authorities are providing meals for now.

In Scotland, children qualified for school meals will continue to get these through local authority schemes.

Families in Northern Ireland will receive a direct payment of ₤ 27 for each kid per fortnight, and have actually been asked to make sure that their bank details are correct on the Education Authority site. Are the steps to help susceptible individuals working? We asked individuals to inform us whether they had handled to access among the procedures developed to support susceptible individuals with access

to groceries– whether through a grocery store or the federal government plan– and got a mixed response. A Waitrose customer praised the service they had received, mentioning that their mother had actually been recognized as susceptible as she has a John Lewis card. She had the ability to reserve a top priority delivery slot within 2 days

. Susceptible Sainsbury’s clients have expressed their frustration at being unable to get through on the helpline, with some stating they have tried multiple times

. The slots for vulnerable individuals are reserved for existing customers. Free food boxes not constantly nutritious The totally free food boxes supplied by the government are supposed to consist of a standardised selection of products throughout the nation– consisting of pasta, tinned foods and UHT milk– and, at the moment, people aren’t able to define any dietary requirements. The products consisted of in the parcels might change from week to week, as regional authorities deal with the food market to identify the very best methods to supply vital goods. So far, lots of people have actually applauded the contents of the food parcel they got, however

others have discovered the items included are not what they were anticipating. Rochdale council said that it had to top up the food supplies received in the first deliveries with much healthier products, as the boxes consisted of chocolate bars, biscuits, cordial, teabags, noodles and an apple. While we

at Which? are happy to see action being taken by the federal government and grocery stores, more must still be done to ensure reliable coordination and clear communication across the nation so that people are clear on the very best way to access the food they require. Sue Davies, head of consumer security and food policy at Which?, stated:’It is especially worrying that we are hearing from vulnerable consumers who are struggling to get hold of essentials. ‘Grocery stores must continue to deal with the government to explore ingenious services that guarantee people have access to vital food products in the tough weeks and months ahead.’With coronavirus constraints anticipated to last months, the government needs to make sure that there is more efficient coordination of food materials

and clearer interaction.’All customers

, but particularly individuals who are susceptible, need to have a much clearer route to access the best aid and food products for their needs.’Neighborhood groups and charities offer assistance for susceptible individuals In many locations, shared help groups have been established by regional citizens through Facebook, offering much-needed assistance to vulnerable local people or those needing to separate. Browse for your regional shared help group if you wish to get involved, or if you need aid. Homeowners within these groups might assist people by choosing up groceries or prescriptions, or use a phone call for those who are struggling with isolation. While social distancing measures are essential to

postpone the spread of the infection, they will leave lots of people feeling lonely. We’ve assembled isolation prevention pointers for older people during lockdown, consisting of crucial numbers to call if you require support. It’s not simply neighbours who are offering

assistance, either, with regional shops and dining establishments offering a much-needed lifeline for some by supplying boxes of essentials or delivering hot meals that can be purchased over the phone. We have actually become aware of Royal Mail delivery individuals putting notes through letterboxes offering aid, and neighbours

sharing online supermarket orders to guarantee that everyone in the street gets the supplies

they require. Find out more: commemorating the unsung coronavirus heroes