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Sam Kerr reportedly earned more than $3million last year, and after Australia fell in love with the Matildas during their World Cup campaign, the soccer superstar and her teammates could be getting a whole lot richer.

The Matildas came in at fourth place at the tournament after going down to England in the semi-final.

With more than 11 million people across Australia tuning into the game, the World Cup has done wonders for our Aussie women footballers and the Matildas brand.

Kerr is Australia’s highest-paid female soccer player, reportedly pocketing $3.3million last year.

Sam Kerr (pictured with girlfriend Kristie Mewis) is Australia’s highest paid female soccer player, reportedly pocketing $3.3million last year

That eyewatering figure takes into account her $600,000 salary from her club Chelsea, with the rest reportedly coming from sponsorship deals with Nike, Mastercard and EA Sports, The Australian Financial Review reported.

Kerr’s 13-year deal with Nike is estimated to be around $1million.

Last year she became the first female player to feature on the cover of the video game FIFA 2023.

She recently snapped up an oceanfront vacant block of land for $940,000 in the Perth suburb of North Coogee.

Kerr grew up in the area, and the 200sqm block is located close to where her parents, Roxanne and Roger Kerr reside.

The block comes with approved plans for a three-storey townhouse and sits just behind the shore overlooking the ocean.

Sam Kerr arrives at a Nike event in a luxury sports car

The value of the Matildas brand is set to soar up to $210million, from $40million following the conclusion of the World Cup, according to recent data

Sam Kerr was pictured shopping at a Louis Vuitton store with her girlfriend 

Kerr has also made sure to take time out of her busy schedule to enjoy her success, enjoying trips overseas with friends and her partner.

In May last year she and her girlfriend, fellow soccer star Kristie Mewis, visited New York together.

In the same month she travelled to Spain for the F1 where she got to hang out with the McLaren team.

The athlete also enjoyed a holiday to Bali in 2019 and shared some snaps of her on an ATV with a friend.

Kerr was also given the honour of flying on one of Nike’s private jets. 

Kerr is seen on the steps of one of Nike’s private jets

Kerr and Mewis are seen enjoying a trip to New York in May last year

Kerr also travelled to Spain for the F1

Kerr is seen enjoying an ATV ride during a holiday to Bali in 2019

It comes as the value of the Matildas brand is set to soar up to $210million, from $40million following the conclusion of the World Cup.

The data was collated by Brand Finance and looked at things such as ticket and merchandise sales, and television audiences.

Brand Finance Australia’s managing director, Mark Crowe, said the team was now the nation’s most valuable sporting brand. 

‘They are now a very strong brand in the world of football and when you’re looking at their strength in Australia, they’re up there with some of the country’s strongest commercial brands,’ Mr Crowe told The Guardian.

‘The challenge is to maintain that strength beyond the World Cup, a signature event that brings incredible focus and attention for a month.’

That increase in value is likely to open the doors for more sponsorship deals for Kerr and other now-household names such as Ellie Carpenter, Hayley Raso, Mary Fowler, Caitlin Foord and Mackenzie Arnold.

The second highest paid Aussie women’s player is Carpenter, who reportedly earned $1.2million while playing for her French club Olympique Lyon.

Behind Carpenter is Emily van Egmond who earned just under $400,000 last year. 

The Matildas are currently sponsored by Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, Subway, Lego, Nike, Cadbury, ­Priceline and Spanish car company Cupra. 

Kerr recently snapped up an oceanfront vacant block of land for $940,000 in the Perth suburb of North Coogee

How much does Sam Kerr get paid?

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