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Hair for any person is valuable. Lots of surveys state that hair of desired quality will enhance a person’s self-confidence. There are numerous natural ways you can use to improve your hair. Applying Henna is among them. This process can be quite unpleasant and there are many precautions you need to take previously using Henna. After you have applied Henna, you require to cover a plastic and let this soak for couple of hours prior to you wash it.Steps on how to

apply Henna to your hair

1. Preparing the mix

  • Henna that is readily available to you is in powdered form.So, you need to
  • mix it with water before using on your hair.For this mixture, take a half cup of henna or 50 gm with 1/4th cup of water.Stir both these components up until they end up being constant like mashed potatoes Let the mix get prepared at the normal temperature
  • for 12 hours.Whenever you’re ready to use the color, mix more quantity of water, so that
  • you can have a spreadable but constant mix of dye.How to use henna on hair 2. Shampooing Before applying Henna on your hair, tidy your

hair.For this, clean your hair

properly with a

  • shampoo and remove oil, dirt, and other styling
  • products.You can only dye your Henna when they are entirely dry.3. Comb hair and secure your hairline Prior to using anything, you safeguard your hairline by using Vaseline

. The oil will be a barrier to your skin and

  • Henna.Now let your hair loose and comb it using a wide-toothed comb.This will make sure that your hairs are frizzy and untangled.Part your hair from between so that they are even from either side. READ Olive oil with lemon juice has lots of benefits for your skin 4.

the topmost part of your hair.From the middle back part of your head grab practically a thin 2 inches large part of your hair.Separate this section of hair from the rest of hairs using
  • a comb.Take the brush and use 1 to 2 teaspoon of the paste onto the roots of your hair.Make sure that you spread Henna effectively on the pointers and include more paste if it is essential.5. Twist your hair After
  • covering one area of the hair, twist your hairs for a few time and wrap it on the top of your head like a bun.The Henna paste that you have used is rather sticky, so the coil of your hair will be there.You can also pin your hair if you want.Take another fresh 2-inch section and use the
  • Henna again.Similarly, work towards the pointer up until the entire area is saturated with the paste.6. Making a bun Continue the procedure in a comparable manner.Whenever you use Henna to an area, twist it and in the end, make a bun.Make sure that you have actually covered the whole area of your hair, in particular, the roots.7. Final step After you are done using the Henna,
  • cover your hair with a plastic.This will ensure that Henna used stays moist and warm.Usually, it takes 2-4 hours, after which Henna is set.Shower your hair appropriately, so that the Henna is cleaned off and use conditioner
  • to make your hair loose again.The result of Henna will be seen 24-48 hours after it’s application
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