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apiAre you a full stack developer? If you are, it goes without saying that you are an efficient multitasker and a true master of your niche. But have you ever asked yourself if your web development techniques have scope for betterment? Could your project planning use more efficiency to better your results?

If you said yes to both, read to find out how you can approach your next full stack project to yield great results.

Which part of the product do you usually start working on? No matter how simple or complex your application is, the ideal way to approach any project is to plan your process right; breaking your project down into components will help you separate the tasks and avoid chaos.

Follow these steps to get better results for your next full stack project:

Define the Scope of Your Project

Scope acts as your road map and is the path you tread during the course of your project. Make sure that your project scope is neither too narrow nor too small and is strictly objective-oriented. 

Try to answer the following questions while you define your scope:

Choose Your Database

Yes, you can build a software application without a database. But such applications will certainly end up having very limited functionality. A database is indispensable to store all the data of your application, especially if it is a dynamic web application; not to mention the applications that demand data from the users.  Most applications require the personal information of users such as their contact details. This makes databases an inevitable part of software development. 

Ask yourself these questions when you decide on which database to use:

Plan Your API Endpoints

Make sure you have a fair understanding of why you need an API and how your users will find them helpful. This should give you an idea of how to go about planning your API endpoints. Since APIs work on requests and responses, the overall performance depends on how effective the communication points or endpoints are; this is why endpoint planning is of paramount importance.  

Here are some key questions that you should address:

Build Your Backend

Here are some pro tips to build your backend effectively:

Test Your Backend 

Back-end testing is referred to the testing of the database, the server, and the APIs. It helps you fix bugs quickly and avoid deadlocks. With effective back-end testing, you can make sure you don’t incur data loss or and address all performance issues. Data Factory, TOAD, and phpMyAdmin are some of the best back-end testing tools.

Build Your Frontend

    Here are some tips to build frontend like a pro:        

Test Your Frontend 

Frontend testing gives the boost you need to deploy your product. This phase is also helpful in determining your browser and OS. 

Here are some useful tips to test your front-end:

Do Your Final User Testing 

User testing is a fundamental part of the UX design process. Here are some points to consider. Here are some tips for you to perform user testing efficiently:

If you are a full stack developer, you always have proactive control over the quality of the end product. With the suggestions and tips mentioned in the article, you can now easily get desired results as well.