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Because there aren’t that many I-No players online, I decided to make an Anti I-No guide to help players stop her shenanigans online and force players to come up with counters against the counters. This video has timestamps to help focus on various basics dealing with the character. I decided not to go over more advanced strategies as I wanted to make this as simple to understand as possible.

00:00 – Intro (stream comment)
00:12 – Dealing with Multiple I-No Hops (Fuzzy Mash)
02:41 – I-No Counter to the Fuzzy Mash
03:44 – Blockstrings into HS Stroke are Fake
07:39 – I-No Divekicks are NEVER Plus on Block
09:16 – Punish I-No Grounded Reversal Super
09:28 – What is Stagger (Get Gold Stagger)
10:36 – What happens when you Gold Stagger I-No Stroke?
10:54 – How to stop raw Stroke the Big Tree
11:28 – When do you win against I-No?
14:01 – Conclusion (Anti-I-No Summary)

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