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Businesses, brands, social media users, and people generally are interested in understanding what people think of them. Asking the other party questions is the best way to learn about your target audience. Online quizzes are a great way to pass the time, share knowledge, and get to know your audience better. You can learn more about your target market by posing specific questions about your company or sector.

These days, social media quizzes are an essential component of marketing plans. Social media quizzes can engage and amuse your followers, increase social traffic, increase revenue, and generate leads, thanks to their accessibility and versatility. There are many different ways to create quizzes for social media. In this article, we will share all the details of creating a quiz for social media.

Quizzes as a way of engagement

Quizzes are a way for social media users to kill time or laugh. Quizzes can also boost engagement in social media marketing. They can be an effective marketing tool for many businesses, increasing engagement and lead generation. Making quizzes is an excellent way to boost user engagement. Social media quizzes help you improve brand awareness while motivating users to interact with your content.

Any topic you choose can be the subject of the social media quizzes. The topics for the questions are endless. Quizzes are a brilliant way to increase how customers interact with your product. Many people want to join in the fun when they see their friends taking quizzes. People are more inclined to take examinations when they are shared. The fact that quizzes benefit brands and customers makes them a highly effective social media tool. Your followers experience entertainment, learning, and friendly competition, and you gain the crucial marketing information you require.

5 steps of creating a social media quiz

Social media speeds up communication with people. You can reach hundreds of people instantly by sharing a piece of content. Thanks to the quizzes accessed through social media, you can get users’ ideas and information more quickly and effectively. In the following, this article has explained in detail how to prepare a quiz for social media content:

1  – Determine the target audience

The online quiz is a novel way to discover more about your target market. You can learn more about your target market by asking users about your company or sector. You can make quizzes in various formats, such as survey-style quizzes, knowledge tests, personality quizzes, and multiple-choice and open-ended questions. For example, you can measure users’ knowledge of movies with an online movie test. You can apply a reward system according to the answers given.

2  – Choose an appropriate quiz type

You can create more appropriate questions for your target audience by determining the type of quiz you will make. In general, there are four different categories of social media tests. To better understand these test types’ purposes, we have reviewed them below:

3  – Create your online quiz on, one of the best online quiz makers, offers its users ready-made templates quiz on many different topics. You can create free quizzes for social media on whether you want to create a social media quiz for yourself with a blank form or choose a suitable form for you from the library, start. The following article explains how to create a quiz on

4  – Share your online quiz on social media

When your exam is designed and ready for use, you must bring the participants the quiz questions. The easiest way to share is to post on your social media channels. Social media allows you to interact with your followers more effectively and quickly.

You can effectively share the quiz you prepared on with your followers on your social media account. Automatically all you have to do is share the link of the quiz you prepared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any social media account where your followers hang out online.

5  – Track the leads who participated in the quiz

It’s crucial to contact your leads once you begin receiving them as a result of your questionnaire. You should use marketing automation to follow up on leads after your quiz has attracted distributors. After completing the survey, contact the participants via e-mail. This email marketing will keep your audience engaged.

Here is an example:

Quizzes are fun to take, whether you want to test your knowledge of a subject or discover something new about yourself. Making quizzes for your audience can increase social media engagement and increase traffic to your website. You can create a quiz for social media suitable for your target audience and content for free on In the following, you can find the quiz we created on that may inspire you:

How to post your quiz on your social media accounts

Embedding your quiz is easy. First, enter the form you created on and click on the share. Click on Embed as Iframe, adjust the size settings, and then click on copy code. Then, embed your quiz on your website so that when people click to take it, they are taken directly there. 

It will be simple to post your quiz on your preferred platform once you have successfully embedded it on your website. You can begin by saving the live link to your quiz, enabling you to share it on the social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For example, copy and paste your quiz URL into Instagram, edit your photo and add a caption.

Best practices to follow when creating a quiz for your followers.

We’ll provide some advice to help you ensure your quiz gets the most exposure possible now that you understand the power of social media and which platforms to use for your investments, have chosen where to promote it and have it live on your website.

Free quiz templates to have a jumpstart

Quizzes are enjoyable, easy to make, and simple to incorporate into any plan. Making quizzes for your audience can increase social media engagement and increase traffic to your website. Many users will tell their friends about their quiz results, encouraging them to visit your page and take the test.

In conclusion,  quizzes are an effective social media tool because they’re a choice that benefits both brands and customers. While you gain the crucial marketing information you require, your followers enjoy amusement, information, and a friendly sense of rivalry. You can get started using the free templates below.