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The bane of any totally free Mega user.Screenshot: David MurphyComputer network securityEvil WeekWelcome to Evil Week, our annual opportunity to explore all the somewhat sketchy hacks we ‘d usually avoid advising. Want to weasel your method into totally free beverages, play sophisticated mind games, or, er, wash some cash? We’ve got all the information you require to successfully be unsavory.The file-storing service Mega usually cuts free users off when they’ve downloaded around 5GB or so, requiring you to wait hours before you can resume whatever it is you were moving. It seems like Mega is more generous nowadays (I downloaded 18.75 GB of data a few days ago prior to I struck the wall ), but it still has some sort of download quota. And if you desire to surpass it without waiting, there’s only one technique left in your arsenal.There utilized to be a variety of apps you might use to sneakily bypass Mega’s download

limit, however it looks like if the service< a href = target=_ blank rel=noopener > has closed up whatever loophole they utilized. I tried a couple of tools once I hit the download limit recently, however none had the ability to grab anything from Mega. Bummer.Alas, not even the command-line app “megatools”might get around Mega’s download limits.Screenshot: David Murphy What did work, nevertheless, was utilizing a VPN to get myself

a brand-new IP address. When I did that– I spend for NordVPN, which

makes it easy– I could continue downloading from Mega without concern. There are a few cautions to this trick, nevertheless. Off, you probably don’t want to utilize a

free VPN. If you’re that committed to downloading, paying for a VPN service that doesn’t track or log whatever you do– or release any other nefarious strategies while you utilize it– is worth the few bucks per month it’ll cost you. You also are less most likely to get restricted by a VPN you’re paying for than a complimentary one, because utilizing a VPN that slows or limits your download speeds to bypass Mega’s download limitations seems a little counterintuitive. NordVPN’s app makes it easy to select a VPN server from a variety of locations.Screenshot: David Murphy Second, you might not have a great deal of success if you’re attempting to download substantial files off Mega. I can’t think about why you ‘d be downloading, state, a single 15GB file(wink wink

), however if you’re utilizing a tool like MEGAsync to do it, you may need to leave the program when you’ve struck your preliminary cap, fire up your VPN, and reboot the program.

In doing so, you might find yourself rebooting your download from scratch. I performed in my experiments, which defeats the point of bypassing the limitation, because you will not be able to download the filetill you struck the limitation again. In this case, you might just wish to stick to your initial IP address and wait– don’t leave the app.Still, if you have a lot of

files you need to grab off Mega and you keep hitting the annoying-but-understandable wall as a complimentary user, utilizing a VPN to change your IP address– and simply turning on the VPN in the Opera web browser doesn’t count– is an excellent method to fool Mega into

thinking you’re a new user.