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You probably already know that there are plenty of benefits to following a training program. To name just a few: It’ll help you reach your goals; you know exactly what’s on your schedule each week (bye-bye, decision paralysis); and it eliminates the guesswork about whether the workouts will deliver the results you want. Not to mention, it gives you a glorious feeling of accomplishment once you’re done.

But if you’re new to training (yes, there is a difference in training versus working out), it can be hard to know where to start. Here, our definitive guide to every training program at obé—and how to choose the perfect one for you.

Our most beginner-friendly option, the obé Starter Pack is a 7-day mini-program that introduces you to our class formats, instructors, and most popular class types! In 28 minutes a day (our signature class length), you’ll build a balanced routine of strength, cardio, and yoga-based workouts.

Short on time? Go for Starter Pack: Express! You’ll get to explore the same class variety, but in just 10 minutes a day (kind of like a tasting menu).

The results: This mini-program will fire up your motivation, build consistency, and help you feel confident taking a full variety of obé class types.

Take it if: You’re new to obé, just starting out your fitness journey, or are craving a week-long challenge to reset your routine.

Skip it if: You’re more familiar with obé, want to dive deeper into one specific class type, or are looking to see major changes in your body.

If you’re ready for a major challenge, this is the training program for you! Designed to build lean muscle, improve your fitness, and help you lose weight in a healthy way, BodyComp is the ultimate strength-training intensive. By splitting Strength workouts into upper and lower body days, you’ll burn out muscle groups—and rebuild them stronger than ever. The commitment: 45-60 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

P.S. Once you complete the first round, you can also level up to BodyComp 2, which heightens the intensity and introduces more power training into the mix.

The results: By building lean muscle, you’ll see some healthy weight loss plus a beneficial change in your body composition. Other perks: More strength, improved endurance, and—if you follow through with BodyComp 2—more power.

Take it if: You love obé Strength or Power classes and want to get seriously strong or transform your body composition.

Skip it if: You’re new to fitness or can’t commit to the relatively time-intensive training schedule (about an hour a day, 5 days a week).

PSA: Low-impact does not mean easy. The proof is in Sculpt Burn Repeat—a 4-week, high-intensity program that brings the burn but doesn’t stress out your joints. A good challenge for both beginners and the Sculpt-obsessed, SBR takes you through 6 days of fitness a week. On the lineup: 3 Sculpt, Pilates, or Barre classes, alternating with your cardio of choice, plus spicy Express “Bonus Burns.”

Intensity (and class duration) will increase throughout the month, culminating in a week of 60-minute challenge classes to show off how strong you’ve become. Bonus points: It’s an obé fam fan favorite!

The results: Improved core strength, better muscular endurance (aka the ability to easily tackle high reps), plus enhanced balance, stability, and flexibility.

Take it if: You want to commit and challenge yourself to something super intense, but prefer low-impact. This one’s also a must-take if you live for music-driven workouts and moving to the beat!

Skip it if: You’re ready to lift heavier weights for major strength-plus-power gains.

For those newer to fitness but curious about strength training, look no further. Training Essentials is designed specifically for beginners, serving up a step-by-step introduction to the foundations of functional training in an easy-to-follow way.

Each week, you’ll take on 2 full-body Strength classes, plus a core-focused Strength workout, cardio interval training, and a cardio endurance sesh. That’s a total of five 30-minute classes per week, making it a solid option if you want to build up a consistent routine.

The results: Improved strength, mobility, muscular endurance, and aerobic capacity. Plus, Training Essentials is the perfect stepping stone to BodyComp or The Gym Program.

Take it if: You’re new to fitness, want to try strength-training for the first time, or need a more structured routine—and can commit to 5 days of training a week!

Skip it if: You’re ready for a more advanced strength-training program or are craving more class variety.

Bring obé to the gym with our OG strength-training program! You’ll get to play with kettlebells, heavier dumbbells, weight plates, and an adjustable weight bench as you take on 4 weeks of “progressive overload” training. Unlike BodyComp, which introduces split day training, the Gym Program simply expands on the Strength and Power classes you know and love.

The best part: This program is scalable to your ability level, your ambitions, and what you have access to. Week by week, the obé pros will encourage you to lift heavier, complete more reps, or push harder, all of which prepare your body to meet new challenges.

The results: More muscular definition, improved posture, better mobility, a metabolic boost, and better cardiovascular health. Plus, you’ll get experience using a wider variety of equipment.

Take it if: You’re ready to level up your strength game (or use the gym), but can only commit to 3 days of training a week.

Skip it if: You don’t have all the necessary equipment or want more noticeable changes in body composition.

The name says it all. Hard AF is a 4-week progressive cardio + strength program guaranteed to get your heart pumping. Driven by some of obé’s most endorphins-obsessed instructors (like queen of burpees, Melody D.), these classes push you to go all in, full out from start to finish.

Each week, you’ll complete five sweat-dripping workouts that increase in intensity—and track your progress with special Express “benchmark” classes. Strength, Power, HIIT, and Cardio Boxing are all on the menu, and our trainers have dressed them up with some of our most advanced combos!

The results: Strength gains, plus increased power and cardio capacity (in a big way).

Take it if: You love to lift heavy, sweat hard, and spice things up with lots of class variety. Think of this as bootcamp!

Skip it if: If you’re new to fitness and don’t (yet!) have experience lifting heavier weights or tackling functional movements. (Start with our individual 28-minute Strength, Power, and HIIT classes with rest days in between to build up!)

Always wanted to give yoga a try—but felt intimidated? Build your practice from the ground up with Yoga Essentials, the 4-week course developed for beginner yogis. You’ll learn all the essential vinyasa poses—hip openers, heart openers, and balance poses—plus boost your confidence, strengthen the body, and refresh the mind.

Each class will take you into a different “peak pose,” gradually introducing more complex progressions to get you deeper into flow. All you need is 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week!

The results: New foundational yoga skills, plus improved mobility, flexibility, and balance. Walk away feeling ready to take on any yoga class at obé.

Take it if: You’re newer (or brand new!) to yoga and want to build your practice from scratch.

Skip it if: You’re a yoga pro and prefer developing new skills rather than bringing it back to the basics.

Yoga fans, welcome to your own mini yoga retreat. This program will take you on a 3-week journey to strengthen your practice, reset your mind, and restore your balance. Every week, you’ll take five 60-minute Vinyasa Yoga classes, each focusing on opening up a different chakra to invite new energy into your body. You’ll leave the mat with a deeper knowledge of mind, body, and your spiritual connections.

The results: Expect to feel more grounded and connected to your mind, body, and spirit. You’ll also gain flexibility, see improvements in balance, and feel more limber.

Take it if: You’re a veteran yogi looking to dive deeper into your practice and develop new skills.

Skip it if: You don’t have any yoga experience—or have a busy schedule!

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