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A crucial part of businesses that offer a service and/or a product is getting feedback from their customers. A happy customer means business. For this reason, using feedback forms to collect customer feedback is a good method. That’s why a free survey creator, like will be great for you.

Customer feedback and why it is important

It really is simple. In this competitive environment, especially in industries where there are plenty of choices, customers will go for the quality. Even if a product or a service is cheaper compared to its rivals, people aren’t going to stick around if they get a bitter taste in their mouths. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your customers and adjust your business accordingly. 

If people are not satisfied, likely, they will just move on and you’ll not know why. Also, either through public online reviews or direct communication, customers might deter other potential customers. 

With customer experience in mind, you need means to collect feedback. Direct customer-side feedback will be the most honest review of your services. Even if your organization is crisp on the production side, what meaning is there unless the customer is satisfied and is willing to favor you in the future? Thanks to the internet and applications like, you can get the much-needed feedback online, simple as abc.

5 great ways to gather customer feedback

We believe for the number of advantages it has, getting feedback online is great for gathering feedback. Not only is it faster, but also more people will be giving feedback and overall you can reach a larger number of customers. We compiled the best ways to collect feedback from your customers online. Mind these when using our survey creator free and online.

Using social media

Social media is a great tool to use for businesses. It acts as a form of advertisement. You can also be in touch with your customers. Posting customer feedback surveys on social media might get you lots of feedback. That said;

Using customer satisfaction survey forms

We established that getting feedback online is beneficial. What better way to do that but through online surveys? With our free survey maker online it’s even easier to do. So, creating a survey with online form builders is one of the best ways to get customer feedback. 

Have a contact form ready on your website

A contact form can be used by customers to give feedback on a product. They also double in benefits because you can use them for lead generation and marketing!

Using polls

Polls are a good way to get information about customer experience. Also, polls tend to be more engaging, causing more turn-ins. Apart from the traditional ways to do a poll, you can use’s questionnaire creator online free to make a good-looking and engaging poll.

Directly seeking and engaging customers

Without a doubt, communicating with customers directly will open up more windows. They can be more expressive, and their review might be more honest to their experience. Customers themselves might reach out to you, but it’d be better if you explored ways to engage with your customers. Customer service might verbally ask for opinions, e-mails can be used to reach customers, etc.

How to create feedback forms on is a great app to create different kinds of forms. If you’ve decided to use a form to get feedback from your customers, features will make it easy and quick. Moreover, we have customer feedback form templates for you to use. You can just use the template or build upon it to create your own personalized form. 

You can use our app for its free survey generator. Making feedback surveys is also very easy. Start by editing and creating your questionnaire in the “Edit” tab. Add different form fields, arrange the manner of questions, and more. Then, you can move on to the “Design” tab and customize how your online form looks. From background to shapes, everything is customizable. Furthermore, there’s CSS support! 

After you’re done with the form, check out some settings to see if you find something that is of use for you. There’s also conditional logic that you can use. Use our web survey creator free of charge right this moment to see for yourself!

Sharing your customer feedback forms

Forms created with can be shared with your customers in a variety of ways. You can send the form via email. You can embed the form to your website, or again to your email as a template. Sharing the form link on social media is also smart. It’s also possible to add a feedback button to your page. You can see that in the share menu of a form, we provide you with scripts to add one. Like many others, we provide QR codes too, if you want to imprint them on a physical product. Don’t forget about our WordPress support!

Start creating your feedback form now

With our comprehensive form building features and readily available templates, it’s a walk in the park to build a well-crafted, professional-looking feedback form. You can start whenever you want just by navigating our website. Not only can you create well-made forms with, but also you can look at statistics in the “Results” tab! You can find all the answers chosen and given, and see percentages! Start right now!