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When you believe of it, we still reside in a fear-stricken world. My guess is that 99% of the human population resides in a fear-based mindset. All of us understand or feel this in some way or another. If we review our personal life we will constantly discover thoughts, beliefs and episodes that focus on the main theme of fear– fear for our loved ones, worry of solitude, fear of modification, worry of loss, the unidentified and so on.

All this pervades through all levels of society as a collective. Economic, political and military choices are based upon some apparent reasoning however when inspected enough we discover that in truth they are rooted in illogical worry.

You Always Have an Option

Fear and love are the fundamental systems of human feelings. Yet we constantly choose fear over love due to the fact that for some of us it’s the only thing they understand while for others it is an unconscious option.

At its core, fear has an evolutionary function– it drives the fight or flight survival mode. In our complex modern-day societies, fear ended up being a by-product rather than a vital drive. It can incapacitate us, immobilise us from doing something about it or move on. It muddles our thinking and many of all winds up being self-destructive.

When we deal with challenging moments in our life– when our world is shaken or threatened– we helplessly fall into fear-mode. The genuine danger is not the fear itself but rather the fact that it overrides our feelings and believing and leakages into all that we do. When we let worry get into the cockpit, panic is bound to put us in risk.

So when we deal with a frightening minute or life circumstance, we always have an option to react in fear or to respond purposely by keeping point of view, assessing it from a different angle and getting in touch with our inner and outer resources. This is something that will be dealt at length in Sonia Ricotti’s Free Master Class ‘Unsinkable’ on the 24th November.

To make it easy enough– what you require to be mindful of when you feel that fear and panic are taking their grip on you is that you have an option– you always do. Start from this simple however powerful idea and the rest will begin to present itself on its own accord.

Piercing Your Fears

There are times when worry does not arise out of a clear external event but hides in the background, often unsuspected by our wakeful consciousness. Yet it still plays out a big role in how we connect to life and others through our options and actions– or rather responses.

This is where the seasonal recommendations ‘face your fears’ can be found in. I choose using the expression ‘pierce your fears’ since you deal with a genuine thing however you pierce an illusion. This is an essential difference to make because we can either empower our worries and provide them compound through believing they are genuine or purposely translucent them and beat their power over us.

Ask yourself what is it you fear most at this minute in your life. You need to dig a bit because there is frequently a more basic fear underlying the one you end up being mindful of. You might possibly determine that you fear loosing your task or your income. This is supported by a more basic fear of being insecure and lacking means which likewise provides increase to dependency. Possibly you observe that this fear is rooted in a deep concealed belief that the world is a hostile place where if you don’t make every effort to endure you die. You then question this belief. “How real and substantive is it?” “Have I got some solid evidence to back it up?”, “Can’t I see how lots of circumstances of my life are direct counter-evidence to this belief?”. And as you question and get viewpoint over this belief, the worry upon which it is based starts losing it power.

Gaining Resistance

Another general characteristic of worry is that simply like panic it is extremely infectious. There are lots of worries that are handed down to us by others or induced by others’ beliefs and behaviours. In such a way this is inescapable because we will always affect each other through social interaction. There is constantly a lot of space to prevent being in environments that are unhelpful or around individuals who are negative and convey worry. Scaremongers, skeptics, highly nervous and very insecure people are an example.

The Power of Surrendering

In moments when the concern or the discomfort is too hard to deal with– those life scenarios that actually shake us at the core– the power of surrender is key. It does not imply giving up on life or surrendering to your fears however rather surrendering your control over them and relying on that you life will support you through it in one way or another.

Going back to our flexibility of choice– the most effective concept of all is that we have at any time the liberty to pick love over worry. Love is the greatest imaginative force we can take advantage of at will although we tend to continuously forget this. Through surrendering your control and being grateful for all the blessings, huge or little, taking place in your life, you will open your heart to the unlimited creative force that will not just liquify worry however create your fate based on joy, openness and happiness.