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Today, the most valued companies, including Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, accept customer satisfaction as a decisive factor in short and long-term success. They constantly use surveys to assess their relations with customers and gather insights about customer experience. That’s why the companies seek out every way possible to gather customer feedback.

“We want to hear from as many customers as possible, so we are always optimizing for response rates, even if that means a lower score.” 

Gathering feedback from customers allows you to rate your current status and improve the overall experience by making adjustments to your products or services. In fact, client satisfaction surveys can be the main driver for development and innovation after the core adjustments. Let’s get right into it and discover your true potential with free customer satisfaction surveys.

Why conduct customer satisfaction surveys?

Your customers are the best and true indicators of your success. If they are happy with your product or service and find the overall experience satisfactory, it truly means you or your product are good in the area. That’s why customer feedback will always show you the big picture and help you find the points you should improve. Here are some key reasons why you should use customer feedback surveys:

Gather invaluable feedback

Did you know that companies today pay a great deal for audits? It is true, and they may be helpful for companies to build a strategy. However, there is another and completely free way to do this. Yes, conducting customer satisfaction surveys will ultimately point out your strengths and weaknesses. In fact, you won’t believe how effective they are with the customer satisfaction metrics.

Increase brand awareness

Expanding your business and reaching new customers highly depends on customer satisfaction and brand awareness. Once people start to recognize your brand products, the expanding process will become faster. Moreover, using surveys will not only help you assess the awareness but increase it as well.

Anticipate customer journey

If you desire to expand your customer base and turn your current customers into loyal ones, then you have to anticipate their journey and create separate strategies for the phases. By learning their experiences, you can simulate their journeys and learn more about your clients’ behavior. This will even help you prepare various surveys and forms for different stages in their journey to get detailed feedback.

Improve the brand image

A wise man once said, “The customers’ perception is your reality.” Asking people what they think about your products or services will show that you value their opinions. Therefore, you will get two birds with one survey; that is, you will both collect necessary feedback to improve your products and start building a great image while doing so. 

Improving customer satisfaction with

Thanks to customer satisfaction surveys, you can build strong relations with your customers and increase overall satisfaction. In the same way, you can create excellent surveys thanks to’s vast library of customer satisfaction survey examples. However, it does not end only with the survey templates, as a free survey maker, provides all the necessary editing and customizing features for you.

Once you start creating your first customer feedback survey, will offer you the best features to make your survey legendary. Similarly, you will experience a smooth process when sharing your survey and later on reviewing the survey responses. Here are some of the great features you will get with

Best practices when creating a customer satisfaction survey

Selecting the right template and deciding on a survey type constitute half of the creating process. Once they are completed, you will have the best features on and act on your survey goals. For example, you will be able to change the field type from a selection to text with a couple of clicks. Furthermore, you can step up your game by paying attention to these points:

Customer satisfaction survey templates free

To help you create your surveys quicker and easier, has built a great library of customer satisfaction survey samples. These templates, such as the Client Feedback Form Template or Customer Satisfaction Survey Template, include the most common questions for measuring customer satisfaction. Using these templates lets you see the types of questions you may ask, and it is easy to edit them with a few quick steps.

Moreover, you will have access to free form themes to customize your survey designs quickly. So, you can choose an appropriate form design for your business literally in seconds. Not to mention you always have the option to customize your form manually. It is quite safe to say that offers all you need when it comes to forms and surveys. Now, let’s look at a few sample questions and give your surveys a solid boost.

Sample customer satisfaction survey questions 

Form fields and questions in your customer satisfaction survey can differ according to the business area, your position in the market, and some other elements. For instance, questions in the survey for the actual product or service will be different from customer service satisfaction survey questions. The same goes for unrelated market fields, such as questions for restaurants and survey questions for SaaS companies.

There are, however, some common proven questions you may want to use in your surveys. These questions are field-tested and constantly used by big companies, thanks to their effectiveness. Without further ado, let us get right into these questions and see how you can utilize them!

Popular customer satisfaction metrics

When creating a survey or poll online, it is best to apply proven methods. Customer satisfaction metrics are certainly among them. By using surveys and adding some specific questions, you can quickly gather all the data for these metrics. These will help you pinpoint your status and tell you if everything is alright. Here are four favorite metrics you may want to use in your surveys:

Create your first customer satisfaction survey today

With the power of, you can create an excellent customer satisfaction survey in minutes with nothing more than a few clicks. Our library is full of ready-to-use templates that are easy to edit and customize for any use case or type of company. If you want something even easier, generate your own custom surveys without any need for coding experience at all! Which template has caught your attention so far? What’s your favorite way to measure customer satisfaction? Create one now by signing up for now!