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While most people invest their money in real estate, some do not even make an effort to manage it. Buying a house is also one of the investment tools and is frequently preferred by many people. Although renting a house as an investment is a very popular means of income, it also causes many problems for the landlord. Problems such as being overcrowded at home, underpaying the deposit, and delaying the rent are the main problems. For this reason, landlords have to take precautions before renting out their homes.

Rental agreements are actually a document that protects not only the landlords but also the tenants in many ways. Regardless of whether you are a tenant before or not, anyone looking for a house can rent it more safely thanks to the rental agreement. Moreover, rental agreements are also very protective and beneficial for landlords in terms of payments and contracts. Landlords can easily obtain and record a lot of information and documents about their tenants before they rent their houses, thanks to the agreement.

What is a rental agreement?

The rental agreement is a legal document that brings both tenants and landlords together on common ground regarding the rental of a certain object, service, or place. The primary purpose of the agreement is to highlight the main responsibilities of the tenant and prevent future problems. 

What is a rental agreement

The relationship between tenant and landlord can be frustrating from time to time, and this tension is often related to the house or paying the rent. In addition to these, The tenant’s damaging the home, having a pet, and disturbing the neighbors with loud noises are among the issues that put both parties in a difficult situation.

The use of a rental agreement helps the owner have a smooth relationship without potential problems. Rental contracts are legally binding, so even if there are troubles, landlords can simply get what they are due in court. Therefore, it will be in their own interest for both parties to comply with the rental agreement in order to avoid more major hardships. In fact, the rental agreement has a framework that protects both the tenant and the landlord unless both parties fulfill their responsibilities.

Why is having a rental agreement important?

It is a procedure that should be followed for the benefit of both parties because the rental agreement is legally binding. In order to create an agreement that supports and protects both parties, the terms of this agreement should be developed in consultation with the tenant as well as the landlord. A rental agreement helps you not to experience many problems. The reason why a rental agreement is important is primarily to decide and agree upon:

How to create a rental agreement form for free

If you own a property or are a real estate agent, you will definitely need to create rental agreement forms, but if you have no idea how to do it, you can prepare your form in a few easy steps in Moreover, these forms are much more suitable for renting online because the tenant candidates who see the houses on the internet may want to make the agreements quickly thanks to the online forms. This type of lease agreement is a very necessary approach for property management, especially for landlords, because in this way, legal problems can be prevented much earlier. 

Although lease agreement forms appear to be used only for landlords and tenants, in fact, anyone who does rental business can use these agreements and should use them to protect themselves. Renting a room or a car is as important as renting a house, and it is a rental business that requires people to make an agreement beforehand. With the completely free rental application form creator,, you can easily create forms without risking your investment. Here are the steps on how to create your lease agreement form with and what features you can add:

1  – Firstly, open on mobile or on the browser.

2  – Select rental forms from the templates page.

3  – Choose one of the ready-made templates according to your taste.

4  – Add or subtract questions from the ready-made template as you wish.

5  – Change the color of the form from the themes section if you want.

6  – Add the welcome or thank you page from the settings section if you wish.

7  – Add terms & conditions describing the details of the agreement.

8  – Add the electronic signature because electronic signatures are legally binding.

9  – Customize your form for better results.

10  – Finally, share with your customers or tenants.

How to create a rental agreement form on

What to include in your rental agreement?

If you have questions about what to include in the contract, don’t worry, is at your side. If you want to rent your investment without loss, it is very important to prepare a powerful lease agreement. Using features such as adding a signature and customizing your survey design are also included in a powerful form preparation stage. Don’t forget to add the following to the lease agreement, in case there is any problem in the rental process, to solve it easily thanks to the contract.

Free rental agreement form templates

If you want to rent a property and need to prepare a lease agreement before the tenant moves in, has a lot of features for you. As a best and free form creation application, has many form examples for your rental agreements. With this wide variety of ready-made templates, you will save a lot of time while preparing forms. Even if you do not have an idea about the lease agreement, you can create it quickly because it contains many necessary questions in the template examples.

In addition, you can design and modify ready-made templates according to your own taste. For example, you can change the form’s colors and add different questions. By adding the legally binding electronic signature field to the ready template, your lease agreement will appear as serious as it should be. With the terms and conditions field, you can add all the rules and responsibilities you want in your rental agreement to your ready template. Moreover, you can customize other features in the ready-made template and easily share it with anyone you want.

So, rental agreements are an issue that concerns not only landlords and tenants but also everyone involved in the rental business. Creating this agreement between the two parties is a must because, in a way, this form acts as a shield. One of the reasons why it is a shield is that you are renting your most valuable investment to people you have never met before, and if any harm comes to this investment, you should find an interlocutor. In this case, the interlocutor you need will be legal remedies.

That’s why the electronic signature and terms and conditions part that you need to add to the rental agreement is very vital. The tenant confirms that he has read and understood the terms and conditions fields and all responsibilities and obligations. In addition, signing signatures online is as equal to the wet signature, and there is no legal difference. If you want to prepare a rental agreement, download and use without wasting time and start creating your form by choosing one of the ready-made templates: