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A couple of questions I have actually been seeing a lot recently in my inbox are, “Nikki! What is your mic setup?!” and, “How can I make my videos look expert?” In this post, I’m going to provide you the low down on my shooting set up and modifying process.

I movie everything on my iPhone utilizing the Film Pro App($ 5.99). I don’t do anything special, simply plug in the tech and open the app. The app likewise tells me if the microphone is plugged in. I choose the quality of the videos and the convenience of knowing that my mic is linked, however it would probably work just great if you skipped purchasing the app. It

‘s not the least expensive on the market, but it also does not eliminated like some other bluetooth mics might (true story, I have a microphone graveyard).

A number of cons are that it makes you look like Madonna/ a 90’s pop vocalist (okay, that’s really absolutely a professional!), however it will get ALL of your breathing so you seem like Darth Vader (potentially likewise a pro? JK!).

Here’s the actions you require to take to make all these pieces work together:

Step 1: Plug the Shure transmitter into the wall.Step 2: Plug in the XLR cableinto the iRig.Step 3: Plug the iRig into the iPhone headphone port.(Note: If you have the new iPhone without any earphone port, you’ll need to get an adaptor so the iRig will deal with your iPhone– it will just plug right into the charging port). Step 4: Switch On the Shure transmitter, the iRig, and the Shure microphone.Step 5: Evaluate

the audio by taping a quick clip where you talk into the mic to make certain the sound is coming through.First off, makesure you turn whatever on and test your audio! Otherwise, guess who doesn’t get audio( hint: you ). Don’t ask how I understand this (I have actually forgotten more times than I can count and nothing is even worse that completing a 20 minute video with no mistakes only to discover you need to renovate the entire thing). For my YouTube videos, I use the ScreenFlow app by telestream on my MacBook Pro for editing. End Note for Non-Apple Users: For those who are not Apple users, I’m so sorry! I’m not sure if any of the technology will

  • work for you, however I make sure there are Android/PC users who have been able to successfully make a video utilizing comparable equipment. If you read this and you are not and Apple

    user, but have had success with this or some option, let me know and I’ll upgrade this post! Last note. Got ta question? Drop it in the comments.