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When tourists visit the Riviera Maya, they typically desire 2 things– a perfect spot on the beach and a margarita.The origins of the margarita have actually been discussed considering that 1937 with everyone from Mexican restauranteurs to American socialites claiming its creation. What is not in disagreement, however, is the seductive power of the moonlit magic that can be conjured from seven parts tequila, four parts Cointreau, and 3 parts lime juice.”An ideal margarita is a balance of its components where one doesn’t overpower the other,”said Franco Bongiorno, the bartender at the Tiny Tiki Hut in Playa del Carmen.Bongiorno is developing a growing and enthusiastic following on Instagram and among locals for his inventive mixed drinks and twists on classics such as the”mescalita,”which is a margarita made with mezcal instead of tequila.” Expert drinkers desire to try something brand-new, “Bongiorno stated.

“I when had clients ask me for a version made with cucumber and habanero.”A classic margarita is shaken and soaked the rocks(over ice), mixed

with ice(frozen margarita ), or without ice(directly up)and often served with a crown of salt on the rim of the glass. Many bartenders and mixologists in the Riviera Maya like to integrate a tropical taste to margaritas by including mango, peach, strawberry, banana, cucumber, and raspberry.Defining the”best” margarita is subjective. There’s a perfect margarita for every single taste and preference

. The 60-mile stretch of coastline in the Mexican Caribbean is brimming with fantastic locations– from local hangouts to fancy beach clubs– where you can quench your thirst for this timeless, Mexican drink.Here are a few of our favorite locations in the Riviera Maya to get a margarita. There are tons more to discover.Akumal Turtle Bay Bakery and Café– Only a short walk from Akumal Bay or a five-minute bike flight from Half Moon Bay or Yal Ku Lagoon, Turtle Bay is known for its traditional margaritas which

are served on the rocks or frozen. Turtle Bay likewise features the Don Julio Rita, which is a variation of the timeless margarita using Don Julio Reposado Tequila.La Buena any bar in Playa, and its spirits are based upon Mexican production.Tiny Tiki Hut– The Tiny Tiki Hut, on Avenida 20 between Calle 4 and Calle 6, is fast becoming a preferred amongst locals and ex-pats alike for its easygoing vibe, succulent Asian-fusion menu, and creative cocktails. The”mescalita, “an alluring twist on the traditional margarita utilizing mezcal instead of tequila, is a reward you do not wish to miss.Zenzi– Located in the heart of Playa del Carmen on the corner of 10 th Opportunity and near the lighthouse just a block from Fifth Avenue, Zenzi is a terrific location to take pleasure in live music andoccasions and a margarita while soaking in the white-sand beach and glittering blue waters of the Caribbean.Tulum Charlie’s– Charlie’s Dining establishment on Avenida Tulum in the Pueblo is known for its authentic Mexican character,dishes, and beverages. Conveniently found by the bus station onthe main strip, its margaritas, and live music are not to be missed.Hartwood– A darling can taste the freshness of the limes used in its recipe. Hartwood is located on Tulum’s famous Beach Road. Bookings are hard to get and walking in may be more effective throughout low season.Mezzanine– On the other end of Beach Roadway from Hartwood is Mezzanine, a Thai dining establishment perched on the cliff with a magnificent view of the Caribbean. Mezzanine includes an everyday 2-for-1 margarita special with variations like mango, raspberry mint, cucumber, and Thai basil.Inspired to go on a quest to find the best margaritas in the Riviera Maya? Inquire today about our vacation rental specials for your next decadent, getaway escape. Pictures are courtesy of Buena Vida, Tiny Tiki Hut, and Mezzanine.