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This story originally appeared on ideal with our intentions. We can’t enter into the conversation intending to make the other person look bad or overly-fearful of rocking the boat.Stay safe.Second, we should recognize that the factor conversations go south is that someone does not feel safe. As soon as we don’t feel safe, we react badly by either stopping talking or speaking out. We should vow to preserve safety at all costs; when we notice that we or the other celebration are not feeling safe, we have to step outof the conversation.Two conditions make us feel risky: sensation like we have various objectives and feeling disrespected. Get these conditions cleaned up so the discussion can move forward.Crucial Conversations goes into far more detail about precisely how to do this. In the meantime, let’s devote to planning time to have an actual talk, beginning with the heart and keeping safety– all required actions for us to restore our precious voices. (By Joanne Vitali. Vitali is the Geek Woman coach. A former nuclear engineer and NASA astronaut fitness instructor, she coaches STEM females to achieve and retain their rightful leadership roles.)Let’s commit to preparing time to have an actual talk, starting with the heartand keeping safety

— all needed actions for us to regainour precious voices.