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The Government in 2015 launched Digital India campaign in order to ensure its services are made available to citizens electronically through improved online infrastructure. This was done to make the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. With such initiative, many states and cities have made the facility of obtaining a marriage certificate online . Registration of marriage acts as evidence that a marriage has been solemnized between two parties. When you get your procedure of divorce done then you need a marriage registration certificate. It is useful while applying for many government documents after marriage, like PAN, Passport and Visa. The marriages between Hindus are governed under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, whereas the Special Marriage Act is applicable to all citizens of India irrespective of their religion. Are you looking to obtain your Marriage Certificate online? A court marriage certificate is essential after two individuals are united. This certificate is a crucial document that helps in various endeavours, such as obtaining a work permit or spouse visa for international travel and securing a home loan for a joint property. This guide will help you get and download your marriage certificate seamlessly. Who to approach for Marriage Registration? The Sub-Divisional Magistrate under whose jurisdiction the marriage took place or where either of the spouses stayed for at least six months before the marriage is to be approached for the purpose of registration of marriage . Requirement: The Groom must be 21 years of age The Bride must be 18 years of age Two witnesses (Three in case of marriage through the Special Marriage Act) Affidavits Documents required for Marriage Registration The following documents required for registration of marriage: Application form of marriage duly signed by husband and wife. Documentary evidence for support of date of birth of both the parties (This document can be in the form of matriculation certificate/passport/birth certificate). This age, under both the Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act, is 21 years for males and 18 years for females. Residence proof of husband and wife (Ration Card, Aadhar Card, Election Voter Id, PAN Card, or bills like Electricity Bill etc.) Two passport size photographs of both the parties and one marriage photograph. Marriage invitation card, if available. In case the marriage was solemnized at a religious place, a certificate from the priest is required to solemnize the marriage. In case of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act, a sum of Rs. 100, and Rs 150 in the case of marriage under the Special Marriage Act is required to be submitted to the cashier of the district. The receipt is to be attached along with the application form. The parties are required to give affirmation that they are not related and do not fall within the degree of prohibited relationship, as laid down under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 and the Special Marriage Act, 1955. Attested copy of divorce decree/order in case of a divorcee and death certificate of spouse in case of a widow/widower. In case one of the parties belong to other than Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh religions, a conversion certificate from the priest who solemnized the marriage (in case of Hindu Marriage Act) is required. Affidavit by both the parties stating the place and date of marriage, date of birth, marital status at the time of marriage and nationality. Documents required for Court marriage registration process are very similar as documents required for marriage registration All documents excluding receipt should be attested by a Gazetted Officer. Criteria for Marriage Registration After the verification of the documents, a day is fixed for registration which is communicated to the parties. Both the parties, along with the Gazetted Officer who attended their marriage, needed to be present on that day before the Sub-Divisional Magistrate. After all verification and due process is concluded, and the SDM is satisfied, the certificate is granted on the same day. You can now apply for a marriage certificate online in many states of India. Various State governments have started civil registration portal for birth & death certificate, marriage certificate and other documents. The online submission of the application requires you to have scanned copies of valid documents to upload and also photographs of the wedding ceremony. Below are some of the different states and cities where online registration of marriage is available: Marriage Certificate in Delhi Once all the documents and photographs are ready, you will have to take an appointment. This appointment can be made online or by visiting the court in the relevant area. Marriage Registrar offices in Delhi: Marriage Registrar Office, North Delhi – 1, Kripa Narain Marg, Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, East Delhi – I&F Office complex, LM Bandh, Geeta Colony, Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, South Delhi – MB Road, B.D.O.Office, Near Anupam Apartments, Saket, New Delhi and Old – Tehsil Building, Mehrauli, New Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, West Delhi – Old Middle School Building, Rampura, Lawrence Road, Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, Central Delhi – SDM office, Karol Bagh-Jhandewalan, New Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, New Delhi – Jam Nagar House, Near India Gate, New Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, South-West Delhi – Old Terminal Tax Building, Kapashera, Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, North-East Delhi – Weaver’s complex, Nand Nagari, Delhi Marriage Registrar Office, North-West Delhi – Bawana Road, Kanjhawala, Delhi Applying for Appointment Online Go to Click ‘Make Appointment with DM’ and register Select your district and continue Fill in the husband’s details and select ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’ Fill in Marriage Certificate form and select date of appointment Click on ‘Submit Application’ Obtain an acknowledgement page with the details of your appointment and instructions Take a printout of the Acknowledgement Fees for Marriage Registration Certificate The fees for marriage registration certificate in Delhi are as follows: Rs. 100 in the event of Hindu Marriage Act Rs.150 in the event of Special Marriage Act The fees are to be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt attached with the application form. Obtaining Marriage Certificate in Other States Below are the links which you can use to download the Marriage Registration Form and Marriage Certificate form of various states: Gujarat Karnataka Assam Delhi Rajasthan Tamilnadu Bihar Marriage registration is a legally binding process governed by various laws, including: – Particular Marriage Act, 1954 – Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 – Muslim Personal Law – Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872 Religion plays a pivotal role in traditional marriage ceremonies and registration. Different faiths have distinct personal laws governing marriage. Consequently, individuals can marry whomever they choose, regardless of caste or religion. Parental consent is no longer mandatory for marriage registration; only 2-3 witnesses are required. Hopefully, you now clearly understand the essential requirements for marriage registration and the process to download the marriage certificate from the government website. If you encounter any issues, you can seek assistance from My Advo, where you can avail Legal Advice or Ask a Legal Question from experienced lawyers. Marriage through Tatkal Service The Delhi Government in 2014 created a tatkal service that works to issue a proper certification of a marriage under an expedited process. Tatkal service is a single-day fast-track authorization of the marriage in which the registration process will be undertaken on priority. The service enables citizens to register their wedding and get a certificate issued within 24 hours on payment of Rs. 10,000 as a fee. How to Download a Marriage Certificate Online? Firstly, you must ensure your marriage registration is completed at the court/ MC/Mantralaya. Subsequently, the marriage certificate will be available on the government website within 3-10 days. If you still need to complete your marriage registration, going through this entire guide is essential. To download your marriage certificate, please visit the official website of the state government where the marriage took place . Navigate to the marriage certificate section and provide the necessary details. Once completed, you will be able to download your marriage certificate.